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April 25, 2011 - In the News

Prof. Mark Fenske was featured in today's Financial Post discussing how the brain continues to evolve throughout life.

The psychology professor, along with Harvard Medical School psychologist Jeff Brown, wrote the book The Winner's Brain, which identifies the eight strategies great minds use to achieve success. The book details how success is about brain skills in self-awareness, emotional balance, motivation, focus, memory, resilience and adaptability, combined with good brain care, which includes nutrition, sleep and physical activity. The book also offers numerous brain exercises to help build all of these skills.

In the article, Fenske explains that the brain changes throughout our lifespan and therefore we can impact the way our brain works. He suggests turning failures or challenges into opportunities and looking at what you can learn from a situation before moving on. He also suggests avoiding high stress by being flexible and adaptable. He explains that all these strategies will help improve brain performance.

Prof. Eveline Adomait was featured on CBC Radio One's Fresh Air program on Saturday discussing her new book, Cocktail Party Economics.

The economics professor talked about the book and how various aspects of economics apply to our daily lives.

Cocktail Party Economics aims to help the average person navigate through those often tricky conversations that can pop up while networking or simply meeting with friends. Her book tackles big ideas — supply and demand, scarce commodities, marginal value, monopoly power — in a fun and accessible way.

Each chapter begins with a character’s situation that is then related to an economic concept and ends with a summary on a cocktail party napkin to help readers recall basic ideas.

To listen to the interview visit the Fresh Air website, scroll down to Saturday April 23 and click on "Listen."

U of G students Yvonne Su and Gracen Johnson are highlighted in today's online version of Macleans. The two students are mentioned for their work in organizing a student vote mob on campus which has since sparked a national campaign urging youth to vote.

Su was also featured in Friday's Toronto Star discussing the special ballot held on campus April 14.

Su, who helped organize the event, talks about the importance of special ballots in providing a voice for students across Canada.

Special ballots are intended for "snowbirds" and military personnel, and Elections Canada has decided not to hold further special ballots on university campuses.

In the article, Su argues special ballots should be held for students who want to help shape their university's community and expresses disappointment with Elections Canada's decision. She explains that it's difficult for students to vote during this election because voting will occur as students are leaving universities and beginning summer jobs.

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