'Robo-Gut,' Profs Making Headlines

April 11, 2012 - In the News

Prof. Emma Allen-Vercoe, Molecular and Cellular Biology, is featured in the latest issue of the Medical Post. The article focuses on her work involving the “robo-gut,” the scientific laboratory she has assembled that mimics the environment of the large intestine.

"Robo-gut" allows Allen-Vercoe and other researchers to learn more about the 1,000 bacterial species that inhabit a person’s “inner ecosystem” from mouth to bowel. Allen-Vercoe studies normal gut microflora in healthy and ill people, including people with inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis), disease associated with Clostridium difficile and regressive autism.

Read more about Allen-Vercoe and the robo-gut.

Also this week, psychology professor Stephen Lewis was featured on the CBC Radio program Ontario Morning. He discussed the Self-injury Outreach and Support website that he has developed in collaboration with McGill University’s James McGill Professor, Nancy Heath. His segment aired Tuesday.

Sioutreach.org is the first international online outreach initiative offering recovery support and resources for individuals who self-injure, as well as their families, romantic partners and friends, and school, medical and mental health professionals.

Listen online here.

Learn more here.

Plant agriculture professor and turfgrass researcher Eric Lyons was featured on the Discovery Channel program Daily Planet Monday night.

The segment looked at research Lyons is doing to optimize LED technology to provide supplemental light to shaded turfgrass areas such as tees and greens. Applications may also include stadiums.

Lyons is working to identify the factors that limit the growth and utility of turfgrass species and increase the understanding of the causes of these limitations. This knowledge will lead to a better understanding of the turfgrass ecosystem and better tools for effective turfgrass management.

Daily Planet is a daily science show that delivers a mix of documentaries and features.

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