Bike Repair Stations, More GO Bus Routes Added to Campus

August 22, 2012 - Campus Bulletin

The estimated 2,000 people who ride bicycles to the University of Guelph each day need no longer fret about a potential flat tire or other minor maintenance issues that may arise while on campus.

There are now four bicycle repair stations at U of G. The pole-like structures are equipped with attached tools and air pump. They're designed so that riders can suspend their bicycles in the air and make small repairs such as changing a flat tire, adjusting gears and brakes or lube a chain.

Bike Repair StationThe stations also include QR codes that, once scanned with hand-held devices, provide maintenance and repair tips and instructions.

“It’s all part of our efforts to get people out of cars and onto bicycles or buses or get them walking to campus,” says Ian Weir, U of G’s manager of parking services and transportation planning.

The stations are located near bicycle racks outside the Science Complex on Reynolds Walk, the Pathobiology Building on MacGillvray Street, the Central Students Association’s bike centre, and in front of the Gryphon arena.

Bus service to campus will also increase and improve in the fall semester. GO Transit is adding Saturday and Sunday service, starting in September – an addition of about 100 buses, Weir says.

In total, about 900 buses will travel through U of G’s bus loop every day, including GO Transit, Guelph Transit, Greyhound and Abouttown; the latter provides service to and from Hamilton.

“The bus service and the new bicycle repair stations all help create a more efficient and accessible environment for all transit users and bicyclists,” Weir says.

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