CME Dean Appears on TVO, Butterfly Researcher on CBC

April 15, 2013 - In the News

Julia Christensen-Hughes, dean of the College of Management and Economics, appeared on TVO's The Agenda . She was part of a panel discussion on the future of higher education. Hosted by Steve Paikin, The Agenda is TVO's flagship current affairs program.

Topics covered included college-university partnerships, institutional branding, pedagogy and economics of higher education. Other participants are from George Brown College, the University of Toronto, Athabasca University, Georgia Tech, and the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario.

Christensen Hughes is the co-author of a study on academic misconduct in Canadian post-secondary institutions, and recently published a series of columns for the Globe and Mail on teaching in learning. She is the former chair of the Department of Business and former director of Teaching Support Services.

U of G graduate student Rachael Derbyshire appeared on the popular CBC radio program Quirks and Quarks this past weekend. Hosted by Bob McDonald, the award-winning radio science program is heard by a national audience of nearly 500,000 people in Canada and thousands more across the globe through a podcast.

Derbyshire was part of an international team of scientists, including integrative biology professor Ryan Norris, that conducted a new study on monarch butterflies. They found that the insects fly without a map and use basic orientation and landmarks to find their way to their wintering sites, thousands of miles away. Listen to the interview

The study has also drawn attention from the Globe and Mail, CBC, Nature and Discovery and overseas from The Independent.

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