Hall Reappointed VP Research

July 30, 2013 - Campus Bulletin

Prof. Kevin Hall has been reappointed as vice-president (research and external partnerships) of the University of Guelph. His reappointment received final approval from the Board of Governors’ executive committee.

The decision follows an extensive review by a committee of faculty, students, staff and B of G members led by president Alastair Summerlee.

The committee recognized Hall’s role in the successful renegotiation of the U of G partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Rural Affairs, Summerlee said.

“The committee also recognized that there are some significant challenges ahead in enhancing and sustaining the University’s research enterprise and strategic direction,” Summerlee said.

“Kevin understands that these are critical priorities to address and that it’s important that we see significant movement in these areas over the next year.”

The Office of Research manages more than $165 million in annual research funding.

“Research and scholarship across the disciplines are of fundamental importance because they make Guelph a richer institution,” Summerlee said. “They underpin innovation and enhance the University’s ability to deliver outstanding education and training.”

Hall said: “With its unique strengths in food, health, communities and environment, and with room for creative, collaborative endeavours across disciplines, U of G is an extraordinary and exciting place to be.”

U of G already enjoys a strong research reputation, Hall said, but faculty, students and staff will have to work together even more closely to meet heightened competition from other universities and regain lost ground.

“I’m looking forward to that challenge while remaining focused on the important role of agriculture and the life sciences at Guelph.”

The Office of Research will continue to work on timely communication with the U of G community, Hall said. He plans to engage the Research Services Council – consisting of the University’s associate deans of research and associate vice-presidents of research -- more proactively in the process.

Summerlee added: “It’s also vital that we communicate our strategy for international collaboration as we seek to expand our research partnerships around the globe.”

A graduate of Queen’s University and the University of New South Wales, Hall joined U of G in January 2009. Previously, he headed the Department of Civil Engineering at Queen’s, where he directed the Centre for Water and the Environment and chaired the Institute for Population and Public Health.

Hall’s research has been incorporated into engineering design manuals in Canada and abroad. He has helped found companies providing water-borne bacteria detection technologies and large-scale geothermal energy solutions for new and existing developments.

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