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September 25, 2013 - In the News

Does Ontario Really Need a Local Food Act?” was the topic of a column in today’s Toronto Star by Prof. Brady Deaton and professor emeritus Karl Meilke, both of the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics.

They question a proposed provincial law that would require public-sector organizations such as hospitals, schools and universities to use local foods, and suggest that additional costs will outweigh potential benefits.

Deaton studies land and property, and food and agricultural standards. He directs the Greenbelt Project studying the economic effects of Ontario’s recently enacted Greenbelt. A specialist in trade and domestic policy analysis, Meilke is a former recipient of the Ontario Agricultural College Distinguished Researcher award and a Fellow of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society.

In a CBC.ca story called “Monarch Butterfly Numbers Drop to New Lows,” Prof. Ryan Norris discussed the need to understand the insect’s migration pattern to help conserve the species. The integrative biology professor predicts that, without major conservation work, butterfly numbers will continue a long-term decline.

Norris conducts behavioural and demographic field research, including landscape ecology, theoretical and empirical modeling, and biogeochemistry. His field research sites include Algonquin Park, the Pacific coast, Costa Rica, the Bay of Fundy and the University of Guelph campus.

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