Food Safety Expert, Prof, Food Laureate In the News

December 18, 2013 - In the News

Food Safety Network coordinator Brita Ball was interviewed by on keeping food safe during the holiday season. Ball spoke on the importance for hosts to avoid cross-contamination and temperature abuse while in the kitchen. She suggested washing hands before preparing food, using clean cutting boards and utensils, using a thermometer to check the temperatures of food as it is cooking and making sure food is not out at room temperature for more than two hours. Ball studies food safety management systems in the food processing sector, including how factors such as the food safety culture and production systems influence employees, food safety and quality assurance.

An op-ed written by political science Prof. Adam Sneyd appears today in This is Africa, published by the Financial Times. The article looks at the economic and monetary community of Central African states. A political economist, Sneyd’s research focuses on development challenges and opportunities in Africa.

Anita Stewart, U of G’s Food Laureate, was quoted in CBC news and Yahoo! News reports about changing holiday food traditions. The Christmas season is becoming about more than just turkey, she noted. Stewart, an expert on food and Canadian cuisine, is the founder of Cuisine Canada and Food Day Canada. In her role at U of G she provides advocacy and leadership and promotes initiatives.

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