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February 20, 2014 - In the News

Prof. Sylvain Charlebois was interviewed by CBC News for a story on how a California drought could affect food prices in Canada. Charlebois, Department of Business and Economics, said lots of produce, including organic produce, comes from California. He said the drop in the Canadian dollar could increase food bills for some consumers by 20 per cent this year. Charlebois studies food economics, distribution and policy.

Prof. Robin Milhausen, Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, was interviewed by the Huffington Post for a story on signs that a potential partner may be a cheater. Milhausen also discussed how many people find monogamy difficult while other couples have a bond that lasts many decades. A sexuality researcher, she studies gender differences and similarities in sexual attitudes and behaviours.

Professor emeritus Vernon Thomas and David Anderson, former director of the Guelph Institute for the Environment, were interviewed by Global News for their paper calling on the International Olympic Committee to ban lead shot in skeet and trap shooting competitions. Thomas, Department of Integrative Biology, said toxic lead shot may sicken or kill birds and animals that ingest it. The researchers said it would be practical and cost-effective to switch to steel shot.

Prof. Ryan Gregory, Integrative Biology, was interviewed for a story in National Geographic about how dogs perceive human voices. Gregory says convergent evolution most likely explains how dog and human brains understand human voices. He says both species acquired this voice region in their brains separately. Gregory studies the biology of organisms, integrating genomics and organismal biology.

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