Guelph Researchers Make Headlines

April 14, 2014 - In the News

Prof. Mike Dixon, School of Environmental Sciences, was interviewed by CBC – The National for a story about growing food in space. Dixon discussed the Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility at Guelph and its current evaluation of LED lights for growing vegetables. The lab studies growth of produce in harsh conditions, which might help in northern Canadian communities where it’s difficult and expensive to grow fruits and vegetables.

Prof. Luis Arroyo, Clinical Studies, and Krista Mitchell, an internist at Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), were interviewed by the Toronto Star for a story about how they saved the lives of two horses -- a mare named Lusi and her foal, Albert. Along with OVC student Goncalo Silva, they delivered the unusually large foal by C-section. Both horses were treated for complications after the traumatic birth and are now doing well.

Prof. Matthew Hayday, History, was interviewed by the Montreal Gazette for a story on the recent provincial election in Quebec. Hayday discussed how the success of the 1977 French-language charter -- making French the primary language in Quebec -- had reduced the motivation for sovereignty. Hayday, who studies nationalism, federalism and intergovernmental relations, said Quebec has achieved many of the Parti Quebecois’s original goals in defending the French language, weakening support for an independent Quebec.

Prof. John Prescott, Pathobiology, was interviewed in a story in the Ottawa Citizen on Health Canada’s phase-out of antibiotic growth promoters in Canadian livestock. The story said the drugs have been used for decades in feed and water to promote growth of chickens, pigs and cattle. Prescott said he hopes Health Canada’s initiative will speed change in farming. He co-chaired a panel whose report in March called for better monitoring and controlling use of antibiotics in agriculture.

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