Areas of Research Strength

Agriculture, Food and the Bioeconomy

The University’s agricultural focus has generated a cluster of agri‐food organizations, research and technology companies in and around the University. Recent areas of interest include applications of molecular genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, modelling and systems research. These new developments are creating novel crops and livestock, ensuring that agricultural practices are economically and environmentally sustainable, and helping protect the safety of food systems.

Biodiversity, Environment and Ecology

The University has a rich history of research in biodiversity, environment, ecology and conservation. The institution continues to make strategic investments in infrastructure and research chairs in this area, and will build on this excellence. The University will continue to support emerging areas such as bioenergy through initiatives such as the National Strategic Network in Bioconversion. A well-defined strength in biodiversity is supported though the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario.

Economic Management, Governance and Public Policy

The University conducts internationally recognized research into the role of governance structure, effective management and public policy in the development and performance of organizations, institutions and markets nationally and on a global scale.

Foundations of Science

This research theme focuses on the fundamental laws and mechanisms that govern the behaviour of physical and biological systems, from the subatomic scale to the atomic and nanometer scales, to macromolecules to biological cells, from plant life to animals, and from planets to stars and the entire universe.

Health and Well-being in Humans and Animals

The University takes an integrated view of, and approach to, health-related issues, from cultural to scientific, from individual to community, from theoretical to applied, and from animals to humans. The development of policy recommendations based on effective practices of management and risk analysis is a priority.

Human Behaviour, Cultural Evolution, Creative Communities

With major strengths in critical, esthetic, historical, and philosophical inquiry and creative response, this theme addresses pressing issues such as gender, family, community, ethnicity and class. Technological innovations such as collaborative tools and global access to historical and archived documents support a new focus on digital applications within the humanities and social sciences.

Technology and Applied Sciences

This research theme captures significant efforts and resources committed by the University to support basic and discovery science, to highlight links between discovery and applied sciences and engineering, and to facilitate innovation and efforts in commercialization.