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Culture and Technology Studies Co-op Information for Employers

Adding Value to Your Team

The Culture and Technology Studies (CTS) program at the University of Guelph combines a passion for arts and culture with curiosity about technology. The CTS program invites students to grapple with big questions about the role of technology in human society and includes hands-on experimentation in cultural analysis, creation, representation, visualization, and performance using digital and related technologies.

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Students in Guelph’s CTS program utilize digital methods including storytelling, visualization, gaming, and publishing. They learn to use digital tools and use them to think ethically, creatively, and critically about topics from across the arts. Students are equipped with the skills to intervene in and contribute to the contemporary world as agile creators, curators, researchers, communicators, and citizens. CTS students have a wide range of interests and skills that can be applied in many workplaces including government and non-governmental organizations, non-profit and community-based organizations, and the private sector. Students complete courses such as:

  • Scripting for the Humanities
  • Digital Approaches to Culture
  • Digital Storytelling and Public Humanities
  • The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
  • Data & Difference

Our co-op process responds to your needs. Employers can post, hire and interview throughout the semester and our students are available for 4-month work terms. The Experience Guelph hiring tool makes hiring Guelph co-op students easy!

Student Strengths


Knowledge of coding basics, and ability to manage projects, work in teams, design digital content, and communicate.

 Deep Understanding

Deep understanding of methods and theories associated with technological research in the humanities. Understanding of the complex relationships among power, knowledge, digital cultures, the representation of data, and the ethical questions surrounding the development, application, and accessibility of technologies


Excellent analytical skills developed through a balance of lectures, discussions, labs, independent study completing extensive research projects, experiential learning and collaborative projects.

Culture and Technology Studies Co-op Work Term Schedule








Culture and Technology Studies Course Sequencing

Based on the 2023/24 undergraduate calendar. Please see the current undergraduate calendar for more information.


  • Culture and Technology: Keywords
  • 2 Electives


  • Introduction to Co-operative Education
  • Digital Approaches to Culture
  • 2 Electives


  • Scripting for the Humanities
  • 1 disciplinary praxis or context courses
  • 1 electives


Work Term One


  • 1 disciplinary praxis or context course
  • 1.5 electives


  • Work term Two


  • Date and Difference
  • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
  • 1 disciplinary praxis or context course
  • 0.5 electives


Work Term Three


  • One of: Digital Arts & Critical Making or Digital Storytelling
  • Project Management and Prototyping
  • 1.50 electives


  • Digital Research Project
  • 1.5 Electives


Work Term Four


  • Digital Publishing
  • 2 electives