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Sport and Event Management Co-op Information for Employers

Adding Value to Your Team

Sport and Event Management combines business education with unique management practices, our strong focus on community engagement, and the vision to develop leaders for a sustainable world. The sports industry in Canada is growing, as is the need for individuals who have diverse experience and the business skills needed to make an immediate impact in this dynamic sector. This program will prepare students to excel in managing sport and events from grassroots to a global level, with direction from our academic and industry leaders.

University of Guelph Advantage

The Sport and Event Management program prepares students for careers within, through and extending beyond the sport and event industry. With this specialized degree providing students with the foundation of business, combined with a focus in sport, it allows our students to flourish in a diverse spectrum of fields. These future leaders will gain invaluable experience in the classroom and on work terms. Prior to embarking on their first work term, students develop their skills in accounting, economics, marketing and sponsorship. With a growing network of workforce contacts, students will receive excellent opportunities at industry-leading organizations.

Our co-op process responds to your needs. Employers can post, hire and interview throughout the semester and our students are available for 4 or 8 month work terms. The Experience Guelph hiring tool makes hiring Guelph co-op students easy!

Student Strengths

 Critical Thinking

Demonstrate proficiency in the ability to assimilate knowledge and understanding through analysis and the development of recommendations and solutions to sport and event management problems and business decision-making


Ability to integrate leadership, ethical reasoning and teamwork skills, through work experience and project management


Exhibit the capacity to conduct effective management techniques through planning, executing and evaluating sport and event related operations

Sport and Event Management Work Term Schedule








Sport and Event Management Course Sequencing

Based on the 2023/24 undergraduate calendar. Please see the current undergraduate calendar for more information.


  • Introductory Financial Accounting
  • Introductory Microeconomics
  • Introductory Marketing
  • Introduction to Business


  • Introductory Macroeconomics
  • Individuals and Groups In Organizations
  • The Business of Sport and Event Tourism
  • Business Mathematics
  • 1 Elective


  • Management Accounting
  • Introduction to Co-operative Education
  • Communication and Media Strategy in Sport and Events
  • Information Management
  • Statistics for Business Decisions
  • 1 Elective


  • Introduction to Finance
  • Event Management
  • Business and Consumer Law
  • Research Methods
  • 1 Elective


Work Term One


Work Term Two


  • Human Resources Management
  • Service Operations Analysis
  • Sales, Sponsorship And Stakeholder Engagement In Sport
  • 2 Electives


  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Analytics
  • Financial Management
  • 2 Electives


Work Term Three


Work Term Four




  • The Impact of Business on Sport Industry
  • Destination Management And Marketing
  • Experiential Learning And Leadership in the Service Industry
  • Hospitality Development, Design And Sustainability
  • 1 Elective


  • Advanced Concepts in Sport And Event Management
  • Hospitality Revenue Management
  • Strategic Management
  • 2 Electives
Restricted Electives

Students must complete a minimum of 3 courses from:

  • International Communication
  • Recreation and Tourism Planning
  • Modern Sport - A Global History
  • Hockey in Canadian History
  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Training and Development
  • Developing Management and Leadership Competencies
  • Fundamentals of Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing and Society
  • Psychology of Sport