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Partner with a Course

The University of Guelph offers over 150 unique experiential learning courses annually. Many of these courses benefit from working directly with employers, community partners, and other external stakeholders to support diploma, undergraduate, and graduate students in developing the transferable knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to achieve their goals.


You can be a partner in academic learning through a few different formats:

Host a Placement, Internship, Externship, or Practicum

Partners typically take on supervising a student within their workplace for a set number of hours.


  • Flexible Environmental Internship students complete a 40-hour internship either in person or remotely with an environmental-focused partner. These internships are very flexible for both the partner and student and provide a great way to introduce students to your area of work.

Offer a Project

Partners typically provide the course instructor with a specific challenge that they are hoping one or more students could tackle.


  • Business Consulting students work on projects like marketing plans and market studies for local businesses and not-for-profits. This is typically completed in teams during one of the three academic semesters.

Partner on a Research Project

Partner with students and faculty to conduct applied research on-site, in labs, or in a community setting.


  • Independent Research students can spend up to 20 hours per week working on a research project related to your business under the supervision of a U of G faculty member.

Propose a New Opportunity

Do you have an idea you'd like to pitch? We're always open to new opportunities!

Your First Step

Reach out to the Experiential Learning Development and Recognition team to set up a brief intake meeting where we'll ask you about your goals and the level of involvement you're interested in. From there, we'll connect you with the most relevant course.