Professional and Career Development Record (PCDR)

The Professional and Career Development Record (PCDR) is a tool built into Experience Guelph that formally recognizes a student’s involvement in on- and off- campus professional and career development activities, most notably experiential learning.

The PCDR is designed to help a student reflect on their transferable skill development and make connections between their experiences and their personal, academic, and career goals.

Aspects of University of Guelph Professional and Career Development

The University of Guelph recognizes professional and career development as the unique and sometimes overlapping aspects of:

  • Academic Programme Learning and Curricular Experiential Learning, established by faculty and academic curriculum committees, and supported through the institutional quality assurance process.
  • Co-curricular Experiential Learning, offered by departments across all divisions of the U of G, and supported through the Co-curricular Experiential Learning Integrity Committee.
  • Career and Professional Development, offered through the Experiential Learning Hub in conjuction with on-and off- campus partners.

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Experience Profiles

  • My Kidson

    Mya is a second year student that is engaging in her first experiential opportunity at U of G through the SPARK Internship program, in 2019.