List of figures

Figure 1.1 Flowchart of Cheese Making Process.

Flowchart of cheese making process

Figure 3.1. Culture Activity Test

Graph of the culture activity test

Figure 4.1 Seasonal variation of fat, protein, lactose and protein:fat ratio in Ontario producer milk

 fat ratio in Ontario producer milk

Figure 5.1 Membrane concentration/fractionation

Membrane concentration/fractionation

Figure 5.2 Microfiltration Flowchart

Microfiltration flowchart

Figure 7.1 Natural Fermentation of Raw Milk

Graph showing the natural fermentation of raw milk

Figure 8.1 Structural elements of milk. After Walstra and Jenness, 1984. Dairy Chemistry and Physics, Wiley & Sons, N.Y.

Structural elements of milk

Figure 10.1 Cheddar cheese composition curing. (A) New Zealand standards for Premium and First Grade Cheddar cheese. (B) Typical ranges for high quality Canadian Cheddar. Note: pH measured between 3 and 14 days after manufacture.

Cheddar cheese composition curing showing both the New Zealand standards for premium and first grade cheddar cheese and typical ranges for high quality Canadian cheddar

Figure 24.1 Whey processing & utilization

Diagram of whey processing and utilization