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11.Macdonald Consolidated School

  • Head sculpture
  • Inuit sculpture
  • Sickle sculpture
  • Historic photo of MS Art Centre
  • Horse sculpture

Built in 1904, the school’s vision was to amalgamate small rural schools into one larger school with qualified teachers, an initiative known as the “Macdonald Movement”. Funding was provided by Sir William Macdonald however, during construction, the trustees made design changes without informing him and upon seeing the building on opening day, Macdonald was so enraged that he refused to leave his carriage, boarded a train instead and never returned to Guelph.

The school closed in 1972 and reopened as The Macdonald Stewart Art Centre; a public gallery that annually presents 15 exhibitions of contemporary and historical art drawn from regional, national and international sources. A major thrust of the program is to feature the 4000 piece University of Guelph and Art Centre collections which cover 300 years of Canadian art. Visit the gallery and adjoining outdoor sculpture park.

The plaque is located on the right side outside the front entrance to the Art Centre.