Business Consulting Course

Want to earn a credit the unconventional way?

The Business Consulting course is open to all students with at least 10 credits and a minimum GPA of 70. 

Note: Prerequisite(s):  One (1) of MCS*1000, MGMT*1000, MGMT*2150 (if not attained: Instructor approval required).

This course is designed to get you out of the classroom and working with real organizations. We offer the course in the Fall (MGMT*4050 - Section 01) and Winter (MGMT*4060 - Section 01).

Why apply?

Build your resume. Transform from student into consultant. Within interdisciplinary teams, you will investigate and propose sustainable solutions to real world clients. This course is an incredible opportunity to gain practical skills and discover job opportunities.

Earn a credit. Not only will you gain valuable work experience through an applied project, you will also receive a 0.5 credit. No need to stop after one semester either. The Business Consulting course is available in both fall and winter semesters.

Become a leader. This isn’t your average course. Each team is required to independently manage their project throughout the semester.

Student Projects

  • Strategic Planning: Provide organizational direction
  • Business Planning: Help organizations set and reach goals
  • Market Research: Uncover insights to give organizations a competitive edge
  • Competitive Analysis: Analyze the market landscape
  • Social Media Strategy: Help organizations discover the power of social
  • Communication Strategy: Help organizations reach the right target markets

Our Clients

Earn a course credit working with real-world organizations.

Over 640 students have already worked with over 200 organizations.

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