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Grow your business with senior student consultants from the University of Guelph.

We work with you to develop a project plan. Then, you are matched with a student team who deliver a comprehensive report detailing the project's objectives, findings, and suggested courses of action.

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Photo of Paul Demarco, Intrigue Media Co-Founder

Paul Demarco, Intrigue Media Co-Founder

Our experience with The John F. Wood Centre for Business and Student Enterprise (formerly CBaSE) was nothing short of exceptional. The students went above and beyond on the project and the team at The Wood Centre was fantastic to work with as well. Our goal for the four months was to research a potential industry that we had yet to penetrate. The team at The Wood Centre led this project and delivered great results. We are planning to do more projects with The John F. Wood Centre for Business and Student Enterprise in the coming semesters and would recommend them to any business.

Our Expertise

strategic planning
business planning
market research
competitive analysis
social media strategy
communication strategy

Why Work with our Student Consultants?

Tomorrow's Leaders: Work with tomorrow's leaders and learn from their unique and innovative ideas and approaches. You might just find the next rockstar to hire for your business. It has happened before.

Fresh Ideas: Our students will provide a fresh set of eyes to look at your challenges and opportunities. They will provide quality consulting services that emphasize creative and original solutions.

Affordable Services: In an effort to continue to serve our community, there are opportunities to engage with our services in a manner that aligns with your organizations budget. Please contact us at to inquire further.

How It Works

Decorative image with text ' You're assigned a student consultant team. They deliver a final report in 12 weeks


Once paired with your student consultant team, you will meet for an exploratory and information gathering session. This allows students to begin their research as soon as possible. From this point on, you will be in direct contact with your team via email, phone or informal meetings. After this initial meeting the students will prepare a project planner or "road map" that they will follow for the rest of the semester, guiding their proejct.  The student consultants will share this project planner with you to ensure they are on the right track.  As a client, you will then be invited back to campus for the final Showcase where all the student groups will be displaying a high level summary of their findings in a research style poster presentation.  Beyond that, students will be deliver a comprehensive written report detailing the projects' objectives, findings, and suggested courses of action in 12 weeks.

Image of calendar with text 'there is one formal introduction meeting at the beginning of the semester


There is one formal meetings required over the course of the project. This meeting allows for an overview of the project, an exploratory discussion and an opportunity for students to gather preliminary information.  Beyond this first meeting student consultants are encouraged to be in contact with their client at regular intervals usually via email updates.

Communication: Throughout the semester, you are in direct contact with your student team.


Throughout the semester, you will be in direct contact your student team to exchange information and ideas and provide direction. It is exactly like working with a consulting firm. You can anticipate regular communications and updates from members of The Wood Centre team, who will remain a point of contact should any questions or concerns arise.

Every organization faces unique challenges. Upon receipt of your application, we will work with you to clearly define the project scope and the project deliverables. We deliver customized plans to help you receive the most value.

The Wood Centre strives to align expectations of the students with those of the client to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. Students earn academic credit for their work and dedicate 7-10 hours per week over the course of a 12-week project.

Our students work with your real-world organization.

More than 700 students have already worked with over 200 organizations.