The Alison Kane Memorial Entrepreneurship Prize 2016

Posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Written by Kat Nyman

CBaSE would like to extend congratulations to Jamie Westover as the 2016 recipient of the Allison Kane Memorial Entrepreneurship Prize! With an overwhelming amount of applicants this year, Jamie was outstanding in his passion for community involvement and entrepreneurship as demonstrated across his various involvements on and off campus.

As a member of the inaugural Entrepreneurial Programming Peer Helper Team, Jamie was an integral member of a team dedicated to providing entrepreneurship focused programming to fellow students and community members. “Being a part of this ambitious, intelligent and capable group has taught me the important role social entrepreneurship plays across communities, not only in Guelph, but across the globe. This experience was both inspirational and educational”.

As Jamie is graduating from the Bachelor of Commerce program this June, his desire to continue as a Peer Helper will be realized as he pursues his Master’s of Science in Agricultural Economics on a full scholarship.

Jamie’s experiences span not only across multiple volunteer positions and participation in campus and community events (such as the Vagina Monologues, a play raising awareness of gender equality and women’s issues and Startup Royale – an entrepreneurial pitch competition), but also in various roles in industry. “These positions, Jamie noted, helped him realize that “there appeared to be a lack of social welfare and sense of community in corporate organizations. This also suggests to me that this pattern of ignoring social issues and activism is standard”. This realization led him to wanting to become more active with volunteerism on campus. “Once I began participating as a Peer Helper in the Entrepreneurial Programming Branch of the university in tandem with my enrolment in the Business Consulting course, I began being exposed to how important social activism and community involvement is and the important role it plays in solving some of the world’s most pressing social issues”.

Perhaps a perfect closing to such a story is Jamie himself saying, “I am glad to call myself a Gryphon and hope to continue demonstrating my commitment to social entrepreneurism and social activism going forward”.

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