Business Consulting Featured Client #4: Foch Family Real Estate

Posted on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Written by Andrew Nixon

Foch Family Real Estate is a full-service commercial and residential real estate brokerage team. They offer appraisal, brokerage, consulting, design and build, and investment services to the GTA real estate market. We sat down for a Q&A with Daniel Foch, a broker with Foch Family, to learn more about their business and their hopes for this semester:

CBaSE:  What attracted you to the CBaSE Business Consulting course?

Daniel: The most attractive aspect for me would be that Foch Family Real Estate can have exclusive access to some of the most skilled and well-educated students in the world of real estate, analyzing and assembling valuable information that will help our industry to solve complex real estate problems. I also know that these students have the creativity and expertise to present the information in such a manner that it is valuable, easily digestible, and understandable. This is important to our industry and clients because our project will be used as a roadmap of the commercial real estate industry in York Region.
CBaSE: What excites you about working with University of Guelph students?

Daniel: Students have this way of looking at things without limits or boundaries. I find that the students at Guelph are especially exposed to the real estate industry and in touch with how it functions, but they still have this limitless sense of wonder and awe towards what is actually possible within it. A big part of my personal success in business has been from coming up with lofty, completely unfeasible concepts, and figuring out a way to manifest them into reality. I think that being a student at the University of Guelph taught me never to lose that, and that’s what attracts me to the students in the Business Consulting course. I know that I’m getting a team of students who are not only hard working, passionate, and incredibly knowledgeable, but they also refuse to be told that something isn’t possible. They find a way to make it happen. 

CBaSE: Tell us something about you, or your company, that would get students excited about working with you. 

Daniel: We are full-service boutique brokers in residential and commercial real estate, in York Region, the northernmost part of the Greater Toronto Area. Our team has been responsible for some of the most iconic commercial transactions in our local area, and we are hoping to work together with students to analyze adjacent markets as part of our expansion plan.
CBaSE:   What can students expect to gain from working with you during the upcoming semester?

Daniel: Students can expect to create an awesome, incredibly valuable piece of information for real estate brokers, developers, financiers and investors in the Greater Toronto Area. The document will be professionally published, giving students the opportunity to have publication credit on their resume. Furthermore, students will work closely with government representatives, and real estate industry professionals to collect information, helping them to build long-lasting relationships within the industry. 

About CBaSE Business Consulting Course

The University of Guelph’s Business Consulting courses, more formally referred to as MGMT*4050 and MGMT*4060, offers senior students transformational learning experiences that provide them with real-world applicable skills and wisdom.

Offered in both the Fall and Winter semesters, the Business Consulting course is open to third and fourth year students from any program who wish to earn course credit through unconventional means.

Teams of 2 - 4 students are paired with real clients who’ve come to CBaSE with various challenges they would like students to dedicate the semester to work towards solving. Previous projects include developing strategic integrated marketing plans for new businesses, performing financial analysis for non-profit organizations, conducting primary research to develop new revenue streams, and much more.

Students will act as consultants, meeting with their clients several times throughout the semester to update them on their progress and ensure expectations are being met and managed. Learning is self-directed and student success is based on the effort they put in.

Although this is not a traditional class, students are expected to put in the same amount of time, per week, that they would for any other course (approximately 10 hours). Students will have the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, work with business canvas models as well as reach beyond traditional theories learned in the classroom.

MGMT*4050 is now completely full for the fall semester. If you are interested in taking Business Consulting in the Winter 2017 semester, you can apply for MGMT*4060 today!

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