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Posted on Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

Two U of G alumni and dairy-farming entrepreneurs are shaking up the ice cream industry

Ice cream has been a staple amongst dessert-loving Canadians for decades. With exception of a few innovations, the ice cream category hasn’t changed much beyond the traditional recipe of using cow’s milk. Two U of G alumni and dairy-farming entrepreneurs are placing their bets on a new spin to the tasty treat – goats’ milk!
Greg and Cheryl Haskett own a third-generation 200-acre goat farm in Oxford County and were hopeful to expand their product offerings beyond milk and cheese. With goat's milk ice cream becoming a growing market as a creamier and healthier option to traditional ice cream, the Haskett's decided to take the leap and reached out to the Wood Centre for support.
Looking for guidance and expertise to help them with their business, the U of G alumni returned to campus and sought out the Hub incubator program to give them a starting point to launch their new venture. Along the way, Cheryl and Greg were guided by mentors to help navigate the entrepreneurship journey.
"No matter how smart you think you are, there is someone smarter than you. No matter how much experience you have someone else has more,” said Cheryl Haskett.  
The couple knew they had a hit product: Udderly Ridiculous. What they didn’t know was if customers would spend their hard-earned dollars on it. Through the Wood Centre, they were able to focus on their branding, business plan, and ultimately, a plan to scale their business.
Aside from creating delicious ice cream, a large component of the Haskett’s business is educating consumers on the benefits of goat’s milk. Approximately 65% of the world’s population drinks goats’ milk and it contains less lactose than cow’s milk.
“Goat milk is creamier, more nutrient-packed and way easier for people with lactose intolerance to digest than cow’s milk,” says the pair.
The couple has developed some delicious and unique flavour profiles, including coffee and craft brew, lemon cream, peachy mango tango, vanilla bean lavender, spiced pumpkin, and wine and dark chocolate.
All of their recipes are free of chemical additives, preservatives and artificial flavours and colours. In 2019, Udderly Ridiculous won the annual Retail Council of Canada’s Canadian Grand Prix in the New Product Category.

Giving back

In addition to offering a product that people would want, an important part of the business for Greg and Cheryl was giving back and leaving an impact on the ag-industry. Instead of focusing on the success of their business and farm, Udderly Ridiculous partners with other community members to source the best local ingredients and promote the goats' milk industry as a team.

An international Impact

With a focus on supporting the local community, Udderly Ridiculous also strives to leave a lasting impact internationally. For every pint of ice cream sold, they donate 10 cents to their Give a Goat campaign, which buys and distributes goats to family farms in developing countries. The program strives to support families in those countries as they grow their farms and become self-sufficient.
Today, Udderly Ridiculous is stocked in Whole Foods, Longo’s, Fortino’s and Sobey’s.

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