The Hub Startup Showcase 2018

Are you passionate about solving problems important to you while also improving lives of people around the world? Our Hub Incubator Startups feel the same way and have been working away for the past semester to strengthen their business model, complete customer discovery, and prototype their product.

Cohort 11 of the Hub Incubator are not only solving problems faced by populations around the world, but also answered the “how” in well-rehearsed, captivating 3-minute pitch presentations at the Hub Startup Showcase on Wednesday, December 5th at the Royal Brock Hotel.

Philip Hipkiss: Side Hustler Extraordinaire

Philip Hipkiss. The man, the myth, the legend. To some people, Phil is the Director of Finance. To others, he is the owner of the local brewey - and to some, he is a landlord.

No matter what role Phil is embracing, there is one thing that is for certain: Phil is a side hustler extraordinaire.

As the Director of Finance at Sivantos Group, the co-founder of Block Three Brewing Company and the owner of multiple rental properties, Phil’s journey to where he is today wasn’t easy.

Startup Crawl 2018

Failure is good.  

It’s good when you’re trying your hand at improv acting; it improves it, makes it more entertaining. And, according to some successful business owners, failure can also be good for entrepreneurs. 

This was just one of the many lessons learned during the first-ever Startup Crawl hosted by Innovation Guelph and CBaSE on July 31st.  

University of Guelph students, alumni, CBaSE and IG staff travelled by foot through the charming streets of downtown Guelph to meet some of the inspiring entrepreneurs who weave the community together. 

The Power of Social Enterprise in the Food Industry

When it comes to preparing potatoes, how to dispose of the peels is usually the last thing on the mind of any cook.

For local restaurateur and business leader Court Desautels, finding a creative method to reuse potato peels at the restaurants that encompass his The Neighbourhood Group of Companies was only one of many innovative ways that helped the Guelph-based family-owned company become a Certified B Corporation.

Improve Life Challenge 2018

Normally, if you tell a Guelph student they’re going to be stuck in the Science Complex all weekend, perhaps even into the night, they are apprehensive to say the least. During the Improve Life Challenge, though, they jump at the chance to band together with other students, community partners, and mentors to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

The CBaSE A-Code-Amy

It seems like just yesterday the Ambassador team found ourselves working with a talented group of computer science students to put together A-Code-Amy in efforts to bring together the gryphon community with the common goal of learning some new skills in Python – does time ever fly!

Udderly Ridiculous: A Daring Dairy

Most people would find it totally overwhelming to start a new business when they already have 1400 goats, a guard llama, over 600 acres, and four sons to keep track of. Luckily for the ice cream lovers of this world, Cheryl and Greg Haskett are not most people.

A few years ago, when this married couple was setting goals for their goat dairy farm, they decided it would be a good time to turn Cheryl’s ice-cream-making hobby into a whole new company. The idea became Udderly Ridiculous.

New Heights and New Perspectives with Dronemates

In the years since drones became commercially available we’ve heard a lot of good things about them – they’re fun to use, capture amazing imagery, and can be our eyes at heights where it’s dangerous for a person to climb. We’ve also heard some troubling things, as people question whether drone flights are safe for aviation or respectful of privacy.

Fortunately, Dronemates is here to make the good better and leave the bad in the dust.

Luna ID – From Scientists to Entrepreneurs

Jarrett Blair and Charles-Étienne Ferland spent a summer driving around Guelph and nearby communities, collecting canola samples for the UofG lab where they both worked. As students of biodiversity and entomology, respectively, their thoughts on those long car rides often turned to bugs. The pair bounced around ideas for a mobile app – one that could put their hard-won, specialized knowledge into everyone’s hands by identifying insects on sight.

One concept – many products

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