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Maplewoods Centre seen from College Avenue

Maplewoods Centre for Family Therapy and Child Psychology

The Maplewoods Centre for Family Therapy and Child Psychology is a clinic and training centre committed to providing high quality therapy services to individuals and families in Guelph-Wellington and the wider community.

We provide a wide range of clinical therapy services for youth and adults:

To book an intake, call us at 519-824-4120, ext. 52020 or email us at info@maplewoods.uoguelph.ca.

Family enjoying a walk in the Arboretum
At the Maplewoods Centre, our mission is promoting excellence, integration, and innovation in child psychology and family therapy practice. We work to improve the lives and relationships of children, youth, adults, and families by developing highly-skilled scientists and practitioners in the fields of family therapy, psychotherapy, and clinical child psychology.

Tamara Berman & Kevin VanDerZwet Stafford
Co-Directors of the Maplewoods Centre

The hallway in Maplewoods is decorated with a mural

Our History

The Maplewoods Centre was established in 2021 when two existing University of Guelph clinical training centres, the Centre for Couple and Family Therapy (CFTC) and the Centre for Psychological Services (CPS), were merged to better serve the community.

Both former training centres provided affordable counselling and psychological services to the community for over 20 years. Hundreds of graduate students received invaluable clinical experience, preparing them to work as regulated health professionals.

Today, the Maplewoods Centre continues the work of CFTC and CPS in a modern and welcoming space, serving local families and training the next generation of counsellors and psychologists.

The Maplewoods name is an acknowledgement of Brown's Woods, which stands across Smith Lane and is visible from the Centre's windows. One of the predominant trees within Brown's Woods is the maple. Maple trees are familiar and iconic and symbolize strength and growth.

Training Programs

Beginning in Spring 2024, the Maplewoods Centre will train students in two new in-demand programs: the Master of Relational and Family Therapy (MRFT) and the Master of Psychotherapy (MP).

MRFT and MP students will join Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (CCAP) students in completing hundreds of clinical training hours at the Maplewoods Centre.

The University of Guelph has been delivering leading education in psychology and counselling since 1965. Since then, U of G experts have innovated and adapted the programming for society's evolving needs, preparing well-rounded graduates ready to become registered mental health professionals.