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Maplewoods has a study area with a great view

Maplewoods Team

The Maplewoods Centre is a clinical training centre and the services we offer are provided by teams including graduate students and regulated health care professionals in three distinct training programs.

All clinicians at Maplewoods work under the direct supervision of a Clinical Psychologist or a Registered Psychotherapist.

Co-Directors of the Maplewoods Centre

  • Tamara Berman, PhD, C.Psych
    Director of Psychological Services
  • Kevin VanDerZwet Stafford, MSc, RP, RMFT-SM
    Director of Clinical Training, Couple and Family Therapy

Administrative Staff

  • Amanda Buda
    Client Services Coordinator, Couple and Family Therapy
  • Jennifer Cosentino
    Administrative Coordinator, Psychology

Faculty and Professional Staff

  • John Beaton, PhD, RP, RMFT-S
    Couple and Family Therapy Faculty and Academic Program Director
  • Alexandra Gousse, PhD, C.Psych
    Psychology Faculty
  • Kaitlyn McLachlan, PhD, C.Psych
    Psychology Faculty
  • Barbara Morrongiello, PhD, C.Psych
    Psychology Faculty
  • Ruth Neustifter, PhD, RP, RMFT-S
    Couple and Family Therapy Faculty
  • Elissa Newby-Clark, PhD, C.Psych
    Psychology Faculty
  • Gregory R. Simpson, PhD, C.Psych
    Psychology Faculty
  • Kristel Thomassin, PhD, C.Psych
    Psychology Faculty
  • Emma Turner, MSc, RP, RMFT-S
    Manager of Clinical Supervision, Couple and Family Therapy