The Crop Science Building was opened in 1968. It consists of 4-stories containing 5 classrooms, 47 offices, 59 research laboratories, and a single-storey area which houses growth facilities. The main building's growth facilities include: 11 controlled-environment, large, walk-in growth rooms, and 4 rooms housing 50 controlled-environment growth cabinets. The growth rooms provide about 1/10 ha of bench space for growing plants. There is also an 800 m2 (PNT-level2) greenhouse divided over 16 different zones.

Accessibility Information


Ramp and auto doors on Reynolds Walk entrance across from Rozanski Hall


Access to all floors; from auto door entrance, enter through grey door on the left and go down hall; elevator on left


P12 beside Gryphon Centre off East Ring Road; P5 off Trent Lane


Accessible stalls in men’s and women’s washrooms on first floor