Howard Laing Hutt (1867-1948) became Head of the Horticulture Department in 1893 and under his leadership the first BSA degrees in horticulture were awarded. In 1908, Hutt organized a separate landscape gardening program and was Head of the Department of Landscape Gardening until his retirement. Hutt was also known for his legendary wit, which he shared with a regular humour column in a local Georgetown newspaper. The H. L. Hutt building opened in 1931 and was used for the offices of Bursar and President during the Second World War and currently houses the Department of Geography.

Accessibility Information


Auto door at south/rear of building; follow accessible entrance signs


Left, down hall from accessible entrance; buttons may be difficult to reach


P5 off Trent Lane


Unisex washroom on first floor; right off elevator, left toward Rm. 126, on right