President aptly describes John MacLachlan’s (1906-1987) role on campus. After completing his PhD in plant pathology, MacLachlan came to Guelph as an assistant professor of botany at the Ontario Agricultural College. He became head of the Department and following that, President of OAC. Without MacLachlan, it is possible the University would not exist today, for he was the driving force that encouraged the integration of the three founding colleges.

In 1964, after much government resistance, the University of Guelph was created and MacLachlan was named its first President. He believed strongly in balancing the roles of the founding colleges with the need to be at the forefront of change – a vision that is still represented at the University today, more than 40 years later. The building was originally built in 1902 for biology, geology, physics and the College Museum.

Accessibility Information


Ramp and auto door entrance to the rear of the building near the Science Complex


Elevator located near accessible entrance


P44 off Winegard Walk


Accessible unisex washroom on first floor near accessible entrance