Opened in 1903, Macdonald Institute was co-founded by Adelaide Hoodless and Sir William Macdonald, a non-smoking Montreal tobacco magnate and educational philanthropist. It initially featured instruction for young women in nature study, manual training, domestic science and domestic art. From three-month short courses and one- and two-year training programs, Macdonald Institute grew into a world-class academic institution. The first four-year degree students graduated in 1952 and by the mid 50’s, Guelph’s Macdonald Institute was the premier home economics school in North America.

Previously Family and Consumer Studies (FACS)

Accessibility Information


Via Macdonald Stewart Hall; auto doors in north corridors connecting the two buildings.


Via Macdonald Stewart Hall; left from main entrance, around corner; access to 1st floor of MINS via 2nd floor Mac Hall; access to 2nd floor of MINS via 3rd floor of Mac Hall.


P24 off Macdonald Lane; P20 off Lennox Lane.


Located on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor in Mac Hall.