■ Tachinids of Bertha Armyworm
Eurithia head Eurithia body Eurithia
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Reared specimens examined. Eurithia consobrina (Meigen): A series of 13 specimens lab-reared from bertha armyworm in Winnipeg, Manitoba using first instar larvae of E. consobrina collected in Germany in September 1982 (UMW).

Eurithia consobrina (Meigen) is a common parasitoid of Mamestra brassicae in the Palearctic region (Herting 1960). It was released in Manitoba in 1986-87 in an attempt to augment the existing complement of bertha armyworm parasitoids, but has not been recovered in the field and establishment seems doubtful (Turnock and Carl 1995). Turnock and Carl (1995) suggest that E. consobrina would be well-adapted to parasitism of bertha armyworm in western Canada. This species is included here in the unlikely event that it was successfully introduced a decade ago, and also to ensure that it can be recognized if introduced again. Eurithia consobrina is superficially similar to Panzeria ampelus; see Recognition section of that species for information about separation of these species.