■ External Morphology of the Tachinidae (Diptera)
Below are several illustrations from McAlpine et al. (1981) showing the morphological terms used for features of the wing and body of higher flies, including Tachinidae.

Wing of Paralucilia wheeleri (Hough) (Calliphoridae)

Dorsal and lateral views of body of Exorista larvarum (Linnaeus) (Tachinidae)

abd st, abdominal sternite
abd tg, abdominal tergite
acr s, acrostichal seta
adv sut, adventitious suture
a kepst s, anterior katepisternal seta
anatg, anatergite
anepm, anepimeron
anepst, anepisternum
anepst s, anepisternal seta
a pprn s, anterior postpronotal seta
ap sctl s, apical scutellar seta
ar, arista
b pprn s, basal postpronotal seta
b sctl s, basal scutellar seta
comp eye, compound eye
cx, coxa
cxpl str, coxopleural streak
dc s, dorsocentral seta
ds s, discal seta
ds sctl s, discal scutellar seta
flgm, flagellomere
frorb plt, fronto-orbital plate
fr s, frontal seta
fr vit, frontal vitta
gn dil, genal dilation
gn grv, genal groove
gr amp, greater ampulla
hlt, halter
ial s, intra-alar seta
ipal s, intrapostalar seta
i vt s, inner vertical seta
kepm, katepimeron
kepst, katepisternum
ktg, katatergite
l m s, lateral marginal seta
lun, lunule
m cx prg, mid coxal prong
m m s, median marginal seta
mr, meron
npl, notopleuron
npl s, notopleural seta
oc s, ocellar seta
oc tr, ocellar triangle
orb plt, orbital plate
o vt s, outer vertical seta
pafc, parafacial
pal cal, postalar callus
pal s, postalar seta
pal wall, postalar wall
pavt s, paravertical seta
pc orb s, proclinate orbital seta
ped, pedicel
plp, palpus
pocl s, postocular setae
poc s, postocellar seta
pprn, postpronotum
pprn lb, postpronotal lobe
prepm, proepimeron
prepm s, proepimeral seta
prepst, proepisternum
prepst s, proepisternal seta
presut acr s, presutural acrostichal seta
presut area, presutural area of scutum
p spal s, posterior supra-alar seta
p spr, posterior spiracle
psut acr s, postsutural acrostichal seta
psut sct, postsutural scutum
rc orb s, reclinate orbital seta
sbap sctl s, subapical scutellar seta
sbsctl, subscutellum
sbvb s, subvibrissal seta
sct, scutum
sctl, scutellum
sctsctl sut, scutoscutellar suture
spal area, supra-alar area
spal s, supra-alar seta
spvb s, supravibrissal seta
trn sut, transverse suture
vb, vibrissa
wg b, wing base


McAlpine, J.F. 1981. Morphology and terminology - adults. Pp. 9-63. In McAlpine, J.F., et al. (eds.), Manual of Nearctic Diptera. Volume 1. Agriculture Canada Monograph 28.

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