■ Host catalogue of Palaearctic Tachinidae

by Hans-Peter Tschorsnig
Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde (retired)
Rosenstein 1, 70191 Stuttgart
E-mail: hanspeter.tschorsnig@smns-bw.de

As announced in The Tachinid Times, Issue 30, version 1 of the Preliminary Host Catalogue of Palaearctic Tachinidae (Diptera) is available on this website by clicking on the following link:

First published on this site on 28 April 2017.

About the Catalogue

(from The Tachinid Times 30: 38, 2017)

The aim of this catalogue is to provide information which is as correct as possible and as easy to use for the reader as possible, instead of an unannotated and often confusing mere listing of all records under the originally published parasitoid/host names. This catalogue is based on all available information which became known to the author (by critical study of existing catalogues, published papers and internet sources, checking of complete volumes of many journals, results of own revisions and identifications of material, occasionally also personal communications of colleagues). The content of the catalogue is preliminary in so far as it was not (yet) possible to find, consult or understand all possible sources. Major gaps exist for China; only easily accessible literature for the Palaearctic part of this country was used, and only such in which the scientific names of the hosts were given. Gaps also exist for some other (mainly Asian or eastern European) countries.