■ World Genera of the Tachinidae

The document offered here is a listing of the tachinid genera of the world with their regional occurrence. It was compiled from the generic names and distributions given in the most recent regional catalogues, as listed here, and brought up-to-date using information from subsequently published papers. This eleventh version of World Genera of the Tachinidae (Diptera) and their Regional Occurrence replaces Version 1 dated 23 February 2005, Version 2 dated 20 July 2006, Version 3 dated 22 November 2007, Version 4 dated 31 December 2008, Version 5 dated 5 August 2010, Version 6 dated 23 December 2011, Version 7 dated 10 December 2012, Version 8 dated 10 November 2014, Version 9 dated 20 May 2016 and Version 10 dated 18 December 2018. Each version was published online on the date given on its title page.

Regional & country catalogues

  Nearctic Region
Neotropical Region
Palearctic Region
Afrotropical Region
Oriental Region
Australasian Region

O’Hara & Wood (2004)
Guimarães (1971)
Herting & Dely-Draskovits (1993)
O’Hara & Cerretti (2016)
Crosskey (1976, 1977)
Cantrell & Crosskey (1989)
O’Hara, Shima & Zhang (2009)

This document can be cited as follows:
O’Hara, J.E. & Henderson, S.J. 2020. World genera of the Tachinidae (Diptera) and their regional occurrence. Version 11.0. PDF document, 90 pp. Available from: http://www.nadsdiptera.org/Tach/WorldTachs/Genera/Gentach_ver11.pdf (accessed [insert date accessed]).


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