■ Update of Tachinid Names in Arnaud (1978)

There are few works dealing with North American Tachinidae more valuable to the applied entomologist than Dr. Paul Arnaud's (1978) publication, A Host-Parasite Catalog of North American Tachinidae (Diptera). This catalog collected under one cover all the literature pertaining to tachinid hosts published between 1841 and 1969.

Arnaud's (1978) catalog continues to be a much-valued resource for pre-1970 tachinid host-parasite literature. However, a considerable number of the tachinid names contained therein have changed over the years making it difficult for a non-specialist to determine the currently accepted name of a tachinid species listed in the catalog. To alleviate this problem I have prepared the following table that shows names used by Arnaud (1978) on the left and the currently accepted names on the right. The modern names follow those given in Catalogue of the Tachinidae (Diptera) of America North of Mexico (O'Hara and Wood 2004; an updated version of this catalogue with host information added is online elsewhere on this website under the name Taxonomic and Host Catalogue of the Tachinidae of America North of Mexico). Names that have changed since Arnaud (1978) are shown in red.

* Indicates species not currently recorded from America north of Mexico.


Arnaud, P.H., Jr. 1978. A host-parasite catalog of North American Tachinidae(Diptera). United States Department of Agriculture. Miscellaneous Publication 1319. 860 pages.

O'Hara, J.E. and Wood, D.M. 2004. Catalogue of the Tachinidae (Diptera) of America north of Mexico. Memoirs on Entomology, International 18. 410 pp.

Names according to Arnaud (1978) Names according to Tachinidae Catalogue
Acaulona erythropyga Sabrosky Acaulona erythropyga Sabrosky*
Acaulona peruviana Townsend Acaulona peruviana Townsend*
Acemya tibialis Coquillett Acemya tibialis Coquillett
Acroglossa hesperidarum Williston Spallanzania hesperidarum (Williston)
Actia americana (Townsend) Ceromya americana (Townsend)
Actia diffidens Curran Actia diffidens Curran
Actia flavipes (Coquillett) Ceranthia flavipes (Coquillett)
Actia interrupta Curran Actia interrupta Curran
Actia sp. near interrupta Curran Actia sp. near interrupta Curran
Actia ontario Curran Ceromya ontario (Curran)
Actia palloris (Coquillett) Ceromya palloris (Coquillett)
Actia sp. near palloris (Coquillett) Ceromya sp. near palloris (Coquillett)
Admontia degeerioides (Coquillett) Admontia degeerioides (Coquillett)
Admontia pergandei Coquillett Admontia pergandei Coquillett
Adoryphorophaga aberrans (Townsend) Myiopharus aberrans (Townsend)
Alophorella aeneoventris (Williston) Phasia aeneoventris (Williston)
Alophorella fumosa (Coquillett) Phasia fumosa (Coquillett)
Alophorella opaca (Coquillett) Phasia opaca (Coquillett)
Alophorella pulverea (Coquillett) Phasia pulverea (Coquillett)
Anaporia limacodis (Townsend) Uramya limacodis (Townsend)
Anaporia pristis (Walker) Uramya pristis (Walker)
Androeuryops ecitonis (Townsend) Androeuryops ecitonis (Townsend)
Anisia nigrocincta Wulp probably Anisia nigrocincta Wulp probably*
Aphria ocypterata Townsend Aphria ocypterata Townsend
Aplomya caesar (Aldrich) Eumea caesar (Aldrich)
Aplomya cerurae Sellers Phebellia cerurae (Sellers)
Aplomya confusionis Sellers Platymya confusionis (Sellers)
Aplomya crassiseta (Aldrich & Webber) Prooppia crassiseta (Aldrich & Webber)
Aplomya epicydes (Walker) Phebellia epicydes (Walker)
Aplomya fronto (Coquillett) Myxexoristops fronto (Coquillett)
Aplomya helvina (Coquillett) Phebellia helvina (Coquillett)
Aplomya mitis (Meigen) Eumea mitis (Meigen)*
Aplomya neurotomae Sellers Myxexoristops neurotomae (Sellers)
Aplomya pheosiae Sellers Phebellia pheosiae (Sellers)
Aplomya theclarum (Scudder) Aplomya theclarum (Scudder)
Aplomya trichiosomae Sellers Phebellia trichiosomae (Sellers)
Aplomya trisetosa (Coquillett) Platymya trisetosa (Coquillett)
Aplomyiopsis epilachnae (Aldrich) Euthelyconychia epilachnae (Aldrich)*
Aplomyiopsis galerucellae Villeneuve Euthelyconychia galerucellae (Villeneuve)
Aporotachina chaetoneura (Coquillett) Belida chaetoneura (Coquillett)
Aporotachina dexina (Townsend) Belida dexina (Townsend)
Archytas apicifer (Walker) Archytas apicifer (Walker)
Archytas aterrimus (Robineau-Desvoidy) Archytas aterrimus (Robineau-Desvoidy)
Archytas californiae (Walker) Archytas californiae (Walker)
Archytas cirphis Curran Archytas cirphis Curran*
Archytas incertus (Macquart) Archytas incertus (Macquart)*
Archytas lateralis (Macquart) Archytas lateralis (Macquart)
Archytas marmoratus (Townsend) Archytas marmoratus (Townsend)
Archytas metallicus (Robineau-Desvoidy) Archytas metallicus (Robineau-Desvoidy)
Archytas sp. near metallicus (Robineau-Desvoidy) Archytas sp. near metallicus (Robineau-Desvoidy)
Archytas smaragdinus (Macquart) Archytas smaragdinus (Macquart)*
Argyrophylax albincisa (Wiedemann) Argyrophylax albincisa (Wiedemann)*
Atacta brasiliensis Schiner Atacta brasiliensis Schiner
Ateloglossa cinerea Coquillett Ateloglossa cinerea Coquillett
Athanatus californicus (Coquillett) Meledonus californicus (Coquillett)
Athrycia cinerea (Coquillett) Athrycia cinerea (Coquillett)
Belvosia argentifrons Aldrich Belvosia argentifrons Aldrich
Belvosia bicincta Robineau-Desvoidy Belvosia bicincta Robineau-Desvoidy
Belvosia bifasciata (Fabricius) Belvosia bifasciata (Fabricius)
Belvosia borealis Aldrich Belvosia borealis Aldrich
Belvosia ciliata Aldrich Belvosia ciliata Aldrich
Belvosia ferruginosa Townsend Belvosia ferruginosa Townsend*
Belvosia formosa Aldrich Belvosia formosa Aldrich*
Belvosia nigrifrons Aldrich Belvosia nigrifrons Aldrich*
Belvosia recticornis Macquart Belvosia recticornis Macquart*
Belvosia townsendi Aldrich Belvosia townsendi Aldrich
Beskia aelops (Walker) Beskia aelops (Walker)
Bessa harveyi (Townsend) Bessa harveyi (Townsend)
Bessa selecta (Meigen) Bessa selecta (Meigen)
Bigonicheta spinipennis (Meigen) Triarthria setipennis (Fallén)
Blepharipa schineri (Mesnil) Blepharipa schineri (Mesnil)*
Blepharipa scutellata (Robineau-Desvoidy) Blepharipa pratensis (Meigen)
Blondelia eufitchiae (Townsend) Blondelia eufitchiae (Townsend)
Blondelia hyphantriae (Tothill) Blondelia hyphantriae (Tothill)
Blondelia polita (Townsend) Blondelia polita (Townsend)
Blondelia sp. near polita (Townsend) Blondelia sp. near polita (Townsend)
Bombyliopsis abrupta (Wiedemann) Hystricia abrupta (Wiedemann)
Bonnetia comta (Fallén) Linnaemya comta (Fallén)
Buquetia musca Robineau-Desvoidy Buquetia musca Robineau-Desvoidy*
Buquetia obscura (Coquillett) Buquetia obscura (Coquillett)
Calodexia sp. near agilis Curran Calodexia sp. near agilis Curran*
Calodexia dives Curran Calodexia dives Curran*
Calodexia fumosa (Townsend) Calodexia fumosa (Townsend)*
Calodexia interrupta Curran Calodexia interrupta Curran*
Calodexia venteris Curran Calodexia venteris Curran*
Carcelia amplexa (Coquillett) Carcelia amplexa (Coquillett)
Carcelia diacrisiae Sellers Carcelia diacrisiae Sellers
Carcelia formosa (Aldrich & Webber) Carcelia formosa (Aldrich & Webber)
Carcelia illota (Curran) Carcelia illota (Curran)*
Carcelia lagoae (Townsend) Carcelia lagoae (Townsend)
Carcelia laxifrons Villeneuve Carcelia laxifrons Villeneuve
Carcelia malacosomae Sellers Carcelia protuberans (Aldrich & Webber)
"Carcelia ochracea Wulp" Unknown
Carcelia olenensis Sellers Carcelia olenensis Sellers
Carcelia perplexa Sellers Carcelia perplexa Sellers
Carcelia protuberans (Aldrich & Webber) Carcelia protuberans (Aldrich & Webber)
Carcelia reclinata (Aldrich & Webber) Carcelia reclinata (Aldrich & Webber)
Carcelia yalensis Sellers Carcelia yalensis Sellers
Carinosillus novaeangliae (West) Ateloglossa novaeangliae (West)
Carinosillus tabanivorus (Hall) Ateloglossa novaeangliae (West)
Cartocometes io Aldrich Goniocera io (Aldrich)
Catagoniopsis meracanthae (Greene) Patelloa meracanthae (Greene)
Catagoniopsis sp. near specularis (Aldrich & Webber) Patelloa sp. near specularis (Aldrich & Webber)
Catharosia lustrans (Reinhard) Catharosia lustrans (Reinhard)
Celatoria diabroticae (Shimer) Celatoria diabroticae (Shimer)
Celatoria setosa (Coquillett) Celatoria setosa (Coquillett)
Ceracia dentata (Coquillett) Ceracia dentata (Coquillett)
Ceromasia auricaudata Townsend Ceromasia auricaudata Townsend
Ceromasia aurifrons Townsend Ceromasia auricaudata Townsend
Chaetexorista javana Brauer & Bergenstamm Chaetexorista javana Brauer & Bergenstamm
Chaetogaedia analis (Wulp) Chaetogaedia analis (Wulp)
Chaetogaedia sp. near analis (Wulp) Chaetogaedia sp. near analis (Wulp)
Chaetogaedia crebra (Wulp) Chaetogaedia crebra (Wulp)
Chaetogaedia monticola (Bigot) Chaetogaedia monticola (Bigot)
Chaetogaedia sp. near monticola (Bigot) Chaetogaedia sp. near monticola (Bigot)
Chaetonodexodes vanderwulpi (Townsend) Chaetonodexodes vanderwulpi (Townsend)
Chaetophlepsis eudryae (Smith) Campylocheta eudryae (Smith)
Chaetophlepsis orbitalis Webber Campylocheta orbitalis (Webber)
Chaetophlepsis rindgei Reinhard Campylocheta rindgei (Reinhard)
Chaetophlepsis semiothisae Brooks Campylocheta semiothisae (Brooks)
Choeteprosopa hedemanni Brauer & Bergenstamm Choeteprosopa hedemanni (Brauer & Bergenstamm)*
Cholomyia inaequipes Bigot Cholomyia inaequipes Bigot
Chrysoexorista dawsoni (Sellers) Chrysoexorista dawsoni (Sellers)
Chrysoexorista marginata (Aldrich & Webber) Chrysoexorista marginata (Aldrich & Webber)
Chrysoexorista ochracea (Wulp) Chrysoexorista ochracea (Wulp)
Chrysotachina alcedo (Loew) Chrysotachina alcedo (Loew)
Clausicella floridensis (Townsend) Clausicella floridensis (Townsend)
Clausicella neomexicana (Townsend) Clausicella neomexicana (Townsend)
Clausicella opaca (Coquillett) Clausicella opaca (Coquillett)
Clausicella turmalis (Reinhard) Clausicella turmalis (Reinhard)
Coloradomyia eucosmaphaga Arnaud Coloradomyia eucosmaphaga Arnaud
Compsilura concinnata (Meigen) Compsilura concinnata (Meigen)
Copecrypta ruficauda (Wulp) Copecrypta ruficauda (Wulp)
Coronimyia geniculata Townsend Clausicella geniculata (Townsend)
Coronimyia melitarae Reinhard Clausicella melitarae (Reinhard)
Cryptomeigenia aurifacies Walton Cryptomeigenia aurifacies Walton*
Cryptomeigenia prisca (Walker) Cryptomeigenia theutis (Walker)
Cryptomeigenia simplex Curran Cryptomeigenia simplex Curran
Cryptomeigenia theutis (Walker) Cryptomeigenia theutis (Walker)
Cryptomeigenia triangularis Curran Cryptomeigenia triangularis Curran
Cylindromyia armata Aldrich Cylindromyia armata Aldrich
Cylindromyia binotata (Bigot) Cylindromyia binotata (Bigot)
Cylindromyia "carolinae (Robineau-Desvoidy)" Cylindromyia "carolinae (Robineau-Desvoidy)"
Cylindromyia euchenor (Walker) Cylindromyia euchenor (Walker)
Cylindromyia fumipennis (Bigot) Cylindromyia fumipennis (Bigot)
Cyrtophleba coquilletti Aldrich Cyrtophleba coquilletti Aldrich
Cyzenis albicans (Fallén) Cyzenis albicans (Fallén)
"Cyzenis festinans (Aldrich & Webber)" probably "Frontiniella festinans (Aldrich & Webber)" probably
Dejeaniopalpus texensis Townsend Genea texensis (Townsend)
Deopalpus miscelli (Coquillett) Deopalpus miscelli (Coquillett)
Deopalpus parksi (Reinhard) Deopalpus parksi (Reinhard)
Dexia limata (Coquillett) Phyllomya limata (Coquillett)
Dexilla ventralis (Aldrich) Dexia ventralis Aldrich
Dichaetoneura leucoptera Johnson Neaera leucoptera (Johnson)
Didyma exigua Wulp Didyma exigua Wulp*
Dinera grisescens (Fallén) probably Dinera grisescens (Fallén) probably
Diplostichus lophyri (Townsend) Chetogena lophyri (Townsend)
Diplostichus sp. near lophyri (Townsend) Chetogena sp. near lophyri (Townsend)
Diplostichus sellersi Hall Chetogena sellersi (Hall)
Doryphorophaga australis Reinhard Myiopharus americanus (Bigot)
Doryphorophaga doryphorae (Riley) Myiopharus doryphorae (Riley)
Doryphorophaga macella Reinhard Myiopharus macellus (Reinhard)
Drepanoglossa amydriae Townsend Drepanoglossa amydriae Townsend*
Drino austrina (Coquillett) Drino austrina (Coquillett)*
Drino sp. near bakeri (Coquillett) Drino sp. near bakeri (Coquillett)
Drino balloui (Curran) Drino balloui (Curran)*
Drino bohemica Mesnil Drino bohemica Mesnil
Drino cubaecola (Jaennicke) Drino cubaecola (Jaennicke)
Drino fraudulenta (Wulp) Drino fraudulenta (Wulp)*
Drino inca (Townsend) Drino inca (Townsend)
Drino incompta (Wulp) Drino incompta (Wulp)
Drino inconspicua (Meigen) Drino inconspicua (Meigen)*
Drino pilatei (Coquillett) Lespesia pilatei (Coquillett)
Drino rhoeo (Walker) Drino rhoeo (Walker)
Drino sociabilis (Greene) Drino sociabilis (Greene)*
Eleodiphaga caffreyi Walton Eleodiphaga caffreyi Walton
Eleodiphaga pollinosa Walton Eleodiphaga pollinosa Walton
Elephantocera greenei Townsend Oxynops anthracinus (Bigot)
Elfia aenea (Coquillett) Phytomyptera aenea (Coquillett)
Elfia sp. near aenea (Coquillett) Phytomyptera sp. near aenea (Coquillett)
Elfia amplicornis (James) Phytomyptera amplicornis (James)
Elfia curriei (Townsend) Phytomyptera curriei (Townsend)
Elfia melissopodis (Coquillett) Phytomyptera melissopodis (Coquillett)
Elfia palpigera (Coquillett) Phytomyptera palpigera (Coquillett)
Elfia sp. near palpigera (Coquillett) Phytomyptera sp. near palpigera (Coquillett)
Elfia setigera (Thomson) Phytomyptera setigera (Thomson)
Elfia tarsalis (Coquillett) Phytomyptera tarsalis (Coquillett)
Elfia sp. near usitata (Coquillett) Phytomyptera sp. near usitata (Coquillett)
Elodia flavipalpis Aldrich Elodia flavipalpis Aldrich*
Elodia subfasciata Aldrich Elodia moria (Fallén)*
Elodia tragica (Meigen) Elodia moria (Fallén)*
Epalpus signifer (Walker) Epalpus signifer (Walker)
Epiplagiops littoralis Blanchard Epiplagiops littoralis Blanchard*
Eribella exilis (Coquillett) Eribella exilis (Coquillett)
Eribella sp. near exilis (Coquillett) Eribella sp. near exilis (Coquillett)
Ervia triquetra (Olivier)
Icelia triquetra (Olivier)
Erynnia tortricis (Coquillett) Erynnia tortricis (Coquillett)
Erynniopsis rondanii Townsend Erynniopsis antennata (Rondani)
Eubrachymera debilis Townsend Pseudopachystylum debile (Townsend)
Eucelatoria armigera (Coquillett) Eucelatoria armigera (Coquillett)
Eucelatoria australis Townsend Eucelatoria australis Townsend*
Eucelatoria comosa (Wulp) Eucelatoria comosa (Wulp)*
Eucelatoria rubentis (Coquillett) Eucelatoria rubentis (Coquillett)
Eucelatoriopsis dimmocki (Aldrich)
Eucelatoria dimmocki (Aldrich)
Euceromasia floridensis Reinhard Euceromasia floridensis Reinhard
Eucheirophaga lugubris James Eucheirophaga lugubris James*
Euclytia flava (Townsend) Euclytia flava (Townsend)
Eucoronimyia hastata (Coquillett) Eucoronimyia hastata (Coquillett)
Euexorista futilis (Osten Sacken) Euexorista rebaptizata Gosseries
Eufrontina ethniae Brooks Frontiniella ethniae (Brooks)
Eufrontina spectabilis (Aldrich) Frontiniella spectabilis (Aldrich)
Euhalidaya genalis (Coquillett) Euhalidaya genalis (Coquillett)
Eulasiona comstocki Townsend Eulasiona comstocki Townsend
Eulasiona genalis (Townsend) Eulasiona genalis (Townsend)
Eulasiona nigra Curran Eulasiona nigra Curran
Eumasicera sternalis (Coquillett)
Houghia sternalis (Coquillett)
Eumasicera sp. near sternalis (Coquillett) Houghia sp. near sternalis (Coquillett)
Eupelecotheca celer Townsend Neomintho celeris (Townsend)
Euphasiopteryx brevicornis nuttingi Sabrosky Ormia brevicornis nuttingi (Sabrosky)
Euphasiopteryx ochracea (Bigot) Ormia ochracea (Bigot)
Euphorocera claripennis (Macquart) Chetogena claripennis (Macquart)
Euphorocera sp. near claripennis (Macquart) Chetogena sp. near claripennis (Macquart)
Euphorocera edwardsii (Williston) Chetogena edwardsii (Williston)
Euphorocera floridensis Townsend Chetogena scutellaris (Wulp)
Euphorocera sp. near floridensis Townsend Chetogena sp. near scutellaris (Wulp)
Euphorocera omissa (Reinhard) Chetogena omissa (Reinhard)
Euphorocera subnitens (Aldrich & Webber) probably Chetogena subnitens (Aldrich & Webber) probably
Eumasicera sternalis (Coquillett)
Houghia sternalis (Coquillett)
Eumasicera sp. near sternalis (Coquillett) Houghia sp. near sternalis (Coquillett)
Eupelecotheca celer Townsend Neomintho celeris (Townsend)
Euphasiopteryx brevicornis nuttingi Sabrosky Ormia brevicornis nuttingi (Sabrosky)
Euphasiopteryx ochracea (Bigot) Ormia ochracea (Bigot)
Euphorocera claripennis (Macquart) Chetogena claripennis (Macquart)
Euphorocera sp. near claripennis (Macquart) Chetogena sp. near claripennis (Macquart)
Euphorocera edwardsii (Williston) Chetogena edwardsii (Williston)
Euphorocera floridensis Townsend Chetogena scutellaris (Wulp)
Euphorocera sp. near floridensis Townsend Chetogena sp. near scutellaris (Wulp)
Euphorocera omissa (Reinhard) Chetogena omissa (Reinhard)
Euphorocera subnitens (Aldrich & Webber) probably
Chetogena subnitens (Aldrich & Webber) probably
Euphorocera tachinomoides Townsend Chetogena tachinomoides (Townsend)
Euphorocera sp. near tachinomoides Townsend Chetogena sp. near tachinomoides (Townsend)
Eusisyropa autographae (Sellers) Hyphantrophaga autographae (Sellers)*
Eusisyropa blanda (Osten Sacken) Hyphantrophaga blanda (Osten Sacken)
Eusisyropa boarmiae (Coquillett) Hyphantrophaga blanda (Osten Sacken)
Eusisyropa virilis (Aldrich & Webber) Hyphantrophaga virilis (Aldrich & Webber)
Euthera tentatrix Loew Euthera tentatrix Loew
Eutheresia monohammi Townsend Billaea monohammi (Townsend)
Eutheresia nipigonensis (Curran) Billaea nipigonensis Curran
Eutheresia satisfacta West probably Billaea satisfacta (West) probably
Eutheresia trivittata Curran Billaea trivittata (Curran)
Eutrixa exilis (Coquillett)
Eutrixa exilis (Coquillett)
Eutrixoides jonesii Walton Eutrixoides jonesii Walton*
Exorista fasciata fasciata (Fallén) Exorista fasciata (Fallén)*
"Exorista" lobeliae Coquillett Nilea lobeliae (Coquillett)
"Exorista" sp. near lobeliae Coquillett Nilea sp. near lobeliae (Coquillett)
Exorista mella (Walker) Exorista mella (Walker)
Exoristoides harrisi Reinhard Chromatocera harrisi (Reinhard)
Exoristoides johnsoni Coquillett Exoristoides johnsoni (Coquillett)
Frontiniella parancilla Townsend Frontiniella parancilla Townsend
Genea aurea James Genea aurea James
Gilvella gilvipes (Coquillett) Anisia gilvipes (Coquillett)
Ginglymia acrirostris Townsend
Ginglymia acrirostris Townsend
Gonia aldrichi Tothill Gonia aldrichi Tothill
Gonia sp. near aldrichi Tothill Gonia sp. near aldrichi Tothill
Gonia breviforceps Tothill Gonia breviforceps Tothill
Gonia crassicornis (Fabricius) Gonia crassicornis (Fabricius)
Gonia frontosa Say Gonia frontosa Say
Gonia fuscicollis Tothill Gonia fuscicollis Tothill
Gonia longiforceps Tothill Gonia longiforceps Tothill
Gonia longipulvilli Tothill Gonia longipulvilli Tothill
Gonia porca Williston Gonia porca Williston
Gonia sagax Townsend Gonia sagax Townsend
"Gonia sagax Williston" Gonia sagax Townsend probably
Gonia sequax Williston Gonia sequax Williston
Gonia texensis Reinhard
Gonia crassicornis (Fabricius)
Guerinia dydas (Walker) Exorista dydas (Walker)
Guerinia rufostomata (Bigot) Exorista dydas (Walker)
Gymnocarcelia ricinorum Townsend Carcelia languida (Walker)
Gymnochaetopsis fulvicauda (Walton) Gymnochaetopsis fulvicauda (Walton)*
Gymnocheta ruficornis Williston Gymnocheta ruficornis Williston
Gymnoclytia dubia (West) Gymnoclytia dubia (West)
Gymnoclytia immaculata (Macquart) Gymnoclytia immaculata (Macquart)
Gymnoclytia occidua (Walker) Gymnoclytia occidua (Walker)
Gymnosoma filiola Loew Gymnosoma filiola Loew
Gymnosoma fuliginosum Robineau-Desvoidy Gymnosoma fuliginosum Robineau-Desvoidy
Hamaxia incongrua Walker Hamaxia incongrua Walker*
Helioplagia slossonae (Coquillett)
Chrysotachina slossonae (Coquillett)
Hemisturmia tortricis (Coquillett) Hemisturmia parva (Bigot)
Hemithrixion oestriforme Brauer & Bergenstamm Acemya oestriforme (Brauer & Bergenstamm)
Hemithrixion plankii (Walton) Acemya plankii (Walton)
Hemyda aurata Robineau-Desvoidy Hemyda aurata Robineau-Desvoidy
Hubneria estigmenensis (Sellers) Hubneria estigmenensis (Sellers)
Hyalomya aldrichii Townsend Phasia aldrichii (Townsend)
Hyalomya purpurascens Townsend Phasia purpurascens (Townsend)
Hyalomyodes triangulifer (Loew) Strongygaster triangulifer (Loew)
Hyperecteina aldrichi Mesnil Istocheta aldrichi (Mesnil)
Hyphantrophaga desmiae (Sellers) Hyphantrophaga hyphantriae (Townsend)
Hyphantrophaga euchaetiae (Sellers) Hyphantrophaga euchaetiae (Sellers)
Hyphantrophaga hyphantriae (Townsend) Hyphantrophaga hyphantriae (Townsend)
"Hypostena floridensis Townsend" Unknown
Ictericophyto spinosa (Coquillett) Blepharomyia spinosa (Coquillett)
Ictericophyto tibialis (Curran) Blepharomyia tibialis (Curran)
Juriniopsis adusta (Wulp)
Juriniopsis adusta (Wulp)
Juriniopsis aurifrons Brooks Juriniopsis aurifrons Brooks
Juriniopsis floridensis Townsend probably Juriniopsis floridensis Townsend probably
Leschenaultia adusta (Loew) Leschenaultia adusta (Loew)
Leschenaultia americana (Brauer & Bergenstamm) Leschenaultia americana (Brauer & Bergenstamm)
Leschenaultia exul (Townsend) Leschenaultia exul (Townsend)
Leschenaultia fulvipes (Bigot) Leschenaultia fulvipes (Bigot)
Leschenaultia grossa Brooks Leschenaultia grossa Brooks
Leschenaultia halisidotae Brooks Leschenaultia halisidotae Brooks
Leschenaultia leucophrys (Wiedemann) Leschenaultia reinhardi Toma & Guimarães
"Leskia analis Say"
Leskiella brevirostris James Genea brevirostris (James)
Leskiomima tenera (Wiedemann) Genea tenera (Wiedemann)
Lespesia aletiae (Riley) Lespesia aletiae (Riley)
Lespesia archippivora (Riley) Lespesia archippivora (Riley)
Lespesia callosamiae Beneway Lespesia callosamiae Beneway
Lespesia ciliata (Macquart) Lespesia datanarum (Townsend)
Lespesia cuculliae (Webber) Lespesia cuculliae (Webber)
Lespesia sp. near cuculliae (Webber) Lespesia sp. near cuculliae (Webber)
Lespesia datanarum (Townsend) Lespesia datanarum (Townsend)
Lespesia dimmocki (Webber) Nilea dimmocki (Webber)
Lespesia dubia (Williston) Lespesia dubia (Williston)
Lespesia euchaetiae (Webber)
Lespesia euchaetiae (Webber)
Lespesia flavifrons Beneway Lespesia flavifrons Beneway
Lespesia frenchii (Williston) Lespesia frenchii (Williston)
Lespesia laniiferae (Webber) Lespesia laniiferae (Webber)
Lespesia sp. near laniiferae (Webber) Lespesia sp. near laniiferae (Webber)
Lespesia melalophae (Allen) Lespesia melalophae (Allen)
Lespesia pholi (Webber) Lespesia pholi (Webber)
Lespesia rileyi (Williston) Lespesia rileyi (Williston)
Lespesia sabroskyi Beneway Lespesia sabroskyi Beneway
Lespesia schizurae (Townsend) Lespesia schizurae (Townsend)
Lespesia testacea (Webber) Lespesia testacea (Webber)
Leucostoma acirostre Reinhard Leucostoma acirostre Reinhard
Leucostoma aterrimum (Villers) Leucostoma aterrimum (Villers)
Leucostoma gravipes (Wulp) Leucostoma gravipes (Wulp)
Leucostoma simplex (Fallén) Leucostoma simplex (Fallén)
"Linnaemya picta Meigen"
Linnaemya tessellata (Brooks) Linnaemya tessellata (Brooks)
Lixophaga diatraeae (Townsend) Lixophaga diatraeae (Townsend)
Lixophaga sp. near fasciata Curran Lixophaga sp. near fasciata Curran
Lixophaga grisea (Curran) Lixophaga grisea (Curran)*
Lixophaga jennei Aldrich Lixophaga jennei Aldrich
Lixophaga mediocris Aldrich Lixophaga mediocris Aldrich
Lixophaga orbitalis Aldrich Lixophaga orbitalis Aldrich
Lixophaga parva Townsend Lixophaga parva Townsend
Lixophaga plumbea Aldrich Lixophaga plumbea Aldrich
Lixophaga sphenophori (Villeneuve) Lixophaga sphenophori (Villeneuve)*
Lixophaga stenomae Curran Lixophaga stenomae Curran*
Lixophaga variabilis (Coquillett) Lixophaga variabilis (Coquillett)
Lixophaga sp. near variabilis (Coquillett) Lixophaga sp. near variabilis (Coquillett)
Lydella deckeri (Curran) Lydella deckeri (Curran)
Lydella radicis (Townsend) Lydella radicis (Townsend)
Lydella thompsoni Herting Lydella thompsoni Herting
Lydellohoughia tenella (Reinhard) Eucelatoria tenella (Reinhard)
Lydinolydella Townsend, gen. and sp. near
Lydinolydella Townsend, gen. and sp. near
Lypha intermedia Brooks Lypha setifacies (West)
Lypha setifacies (West) Lypha fumipennis Brooks
Madremyia saundersii (Williston) Madremyia saundersii (Williston)
"Masicera tantilla Wulp" "Blondelia tantilla (Wulp)"
Medina barbata (Coquillett) Medina barbata (Coquillett)
Megapariopsis opaca (Coquillett) Megapariopsis opaca (Coquillett)
Meigenia mutabilis (Fallén) Meigenia mutabilis (Fallén)*
Melanophora roralis (Linnaeus) Melanophora roralis (Linnaeus) [Rhinophoridae]
Mericia ampelus (Walker) Panzeria ampelus (Walker)
Mericia arcuata (Tothill) Panzeria arcuata (Tothill)
Mericia bicarina (Tothill) probably Panzeria bicarina (Tothill) probably
Mericia johnsoni (Tothill) Panzeria johnsoni (Tothill)
Metadexia tricolor Coquillett Zelia tricolor (Coquillett)
Metagonistylum minense Townsend Metagonistylum minense Townsend*
Metaplagia occidentalis Coquillett Metaplagia occidentalis Coquillett
Metavoria orientalis Townsend Metaplagia orientalis (Townsend)
Metopiops pyralidis (Coquillett) Pseudochaeta pyralidis Coquillett
Metopiops sp. near pyralidis (Coquillett) Pseudochaeta sp. near pyralidis Coquillett
Miamimyia cincta Townsend
Miamimyia cincta Townsend
Microphthalma disjuncta (Wiedemann) Microphthalma disjuncta (Wiedemann)
Microphthalma michiganensis (Townsend) Microphthalma michiganensis (Townsend)
Microphthalma obsoleta (Wulp) Microphthalma obsoleta (Wulp)
Mochlosoma lacertosum (Wulp) Mochlosoma lacertosum (Wulp)*
Mochlosoma mexicanum (Macquart) Mochlosoma mexicanum (Macquart)*
Myiopharus canadensis Reinhard Myiopharus canadensis Reinhard
Myiopharus dorsalis (Coquillett) Myiopharus dorsalis (Coquillett)
Myiophasia "aenea Wiedemann" Gnadochaeta "australis Townsend"*
"Myiophasia atra (Robineau-Desvoidy)" "Gnadochaeta atra (Robineau-Desvoidy)"*
Myiophasia clistoides (Townsend) Gnadochaeta clistoides (Townsend)
Myiophasia globosa (Townsend) Gnadochaeta globosa (Townsend)
Myiophasia metallica (Townsend) Gnadochaeta metallica (Townsend)
Myiophasia nigrifrons (Townsend) Gnadochaeta nigrifrons (Townsend)
Myiophasia robusta Coquillett Gnadochaeta robusta (Coquillett)
Myobiopsis depilis (Coquillett) Leskia depilis (Coquillett)
Myobiopsis flavipennis (Wiedemann) Leskia flavipennis (Wiedemann)*
Mystacella chrysoprocta (Wiedemann)
Mystacella chrysoprocta (Wiedemann)
Nemorilla pyste (Walker) Nemorilla pyste (Walker)
Nemorilla sp. near pyste (Walker) Nemorilla sp. near pyste (Walker)
"Nemorilla trivittata (Wulp)" probably "Nemorilla trivittata (Wulp)" probably*
Nilea carpocapsae (Townsend) Nilea carpocapsae (Townsend)
Nilea noctuiformis (Smith) Nilea noctuiformis (Smith)
Nilea sp. near noctuiformis (Smith) Nilea sp. near noctuiformis (Smith)
Nilea sternalis (Coquillett) Nilea sternalis (Coquillett)
Nowickia algens (Wiedemann) Tachina algens (Wiedemann)
Nowickia hispida (Tothill) Tachina ampliforceps (Rowe)
Nowickia latifrons (Tothill) Tachina oligoria Arnaud
Obolocera rapae (Smith) Phryxe vulgaris (Fallén)
Ocytata pallipes (Fallén) Ocytata pallipes (Fallén)*
Oedematocera dampfi Aldrich Anisia dampfi (Aldrich)*
Oedematocera flaveola (Coquillett) Anisia flaveola (Coquillett)
Omotoma fumiferanae (Tothill) Smidtia fumiferanae (Tothill)
Opsotheresia bigelowi (Curran) Opsotheresia bigelowi (Curran)
Ormia punctata Robineau-Desvoidy Ormia punctata Robineau-Desvoidy
Oswaldia albifacies (Townsend) Oswaldia albifacies (Townsend)
Oswaldia anorbitalis (Brooks) Oswaldia anorbitalis (Brooks)
Oswaldia assimilis (Townsend) Oswaldia assimilis (Townsend)
Oswaldia aurifrons (Townsend) Oswaldia aurifrons (Townsend)
Oxynops anthracinus (Bigot) Oxynops anthracinus (Bigot)
Pacidianus persimilis Reinhard Houghia sternalis (Coquillett)
Palexorista laxa (Curran) Drino laxa (Curran)*
Palpexorista coccyx (Aldrich & Webber) Austrophorocera coccyx (Aldrich & Webber)
Palpozenillia palpalis (Aldrich) Palpozenillia palpalis (Aldrich)*
Parachaeta fusca Townsend Leschenaultia bicolor (Macquart)
Paradejeania rutilioides nigrescens Arnaud Paradejeania rutilioides nigrescens Arnaud
Paradidyma singularis (Townsend) Paradidyma singularis (Townsend)
Parafischeria eucerata (Bigot)
Solieria eucerata (Bigot)
Paralispe infernalis (Townsend) Myiopharus infernalis (Townsend)
Paraphorantha pollinosa Brooks Phasia chilensis (Macquart)
Parasetigena agilis (Robineau-Desvoidy) Parasetigena silvestris (Robineau-Desvoidy)
Paratheresia claripalpis (Wulp) Billaea claripalpis (Wulp)*
Patelloa fuscimacula (Aldrich & Webber) Patelloa fuscimacula (Aldrich & Webber)
Patelloa leucaniae (Coquillett) Patelloa leucaniae (Coquillett)
Patelloa sp. near leucaniae (Coquillett) Patelloa sp. near leucaniae (Coquillett)
Patelloa pachypyga (Aldrich & Webber) Patelloa pachypyga (Aldrich & Webber)
Pelatachina pellucida Coquillett Pelatachina pellucida Coquillett
Peleteria aenea (Staeger) Peleteria aenea (Staeger)
Peleteria obsoleta Curran Peleteria obsoleta Curran
Peleteria "tessellata (Fabricius)" Peleteria "rubescens (Robineau-Desvoidy)"*
Peleteria texensis Curran Peleteria texensis Curran
Peleteria thomsoni (Williston) Peleteria thomsoni (Williston)
Periscepsia cinerosa (Coquillett) Periscepsia cinerosa (Coquillett)
Periscepsia helymus (Walker) Periscepsia helymus (Walker)
Periscepsia laevigata (Wulp) Periscepsia laevigata (Wulp)
Periscepsia rohweri (Townsend) Periscepsia rohweri (Townsend)
Petinarctia stylata (Brauer & Bergenstamm) Periscepsia stylata (Brauer & Bergenstamm)
Phasia nigra (Brooks)
Phasia albipennis (Brooks)
Phasiops flavus Coquillett Phasiops flavus Coquillett
Phasmophaga antennalis Townsend Phasmophaga antennalis Townsend
Phasmophaga meridionalis Townsend Phasmophaga meridionalis Townsend
Philocalia tenuirostris Reinhard Drepanoglossa tenuirostris (Reinhard)
"Phorantha occidentis (Walker)" "Phasia occidentis (Walker)"
"Phorocera" comstocki Williston Acantholespesia comstocki Williston
"Phorocera" halisidotae Aldrich & Webber Lespesia halisidotae (Aldrich & Webber)
"Phorocera" incrassata Smith Cyzenis incrassata (Smith)
"Phorocera parva Bigot" Hemisturmia parva (Bigot)
"Phorocera" signata Aldrich & Webber Acantholespesia signata (Aldrich & Webber)
"Phorocera" texana Aldrich & Webber Acantholespesia texana (Aldrich & Webber)
"Phorocera victoria Aldrich & Webber" Nilea victoria (Aldrich & Webber)
Phrynofrontina discalis (Coquillett) Lixophaga discalis (Coquillett)
Phryxe pecosensis (Townsend) Phryxe pecosensis (Townsend)
Phryxe vulgaris (Fallén) Phryxe vulgaris (Fallén)
Phyllophilopsis evanida Reinhard Phyllophilopsis evanida Reinhard
Phytomyptera walleyi Brooks Phytomyptera walleyi Brooks
Pilatea arator (Aldrich)
Allophorocera arator (Aldrich)
Pilatea delecta (Curran) Allophorocera delecta (Curran)
Pilatea occidentalis (Coquillett) Allophorocera occidentalis (Coquillett)
Plagiomima cognata Aldrich Plagiomima cognata Aldrich
Plagiomima spinosula (Bigot) probably Plagiomima spinosula (Bigot) probably
Prophryno marginalis (Aldrich & Webber) Lespesia marginalis (Aldrich & Webber)
Prophryno parviteres (Aldrich & Webber) Lespesia parviteres (Aldrich & Webber)
Prosena siberita (Fabricius) Prosena siberita (Fabricius)
Psalidopteryx macdunnoughi Brooks Graphogaster macdunnoughi (Brooks)
Psalidopteryx nuda Brooks Graphogaster nuda (Brooks)
Psalidopteryx pollinosa Brooks Graphogaster pollinosa (Brooks)
Psalidopteryx pseudonuda Brooks Graphogaster pseudonuda (Brooks)
Psalidopteryx psilocorsiphaga Brooks Graphogaster psilocorsiphaga (Brooks)
Psalidopteryx slossonae Townsend Graphogaster slossonae (Townsend)
Pseudochaeta argentifrons Coquillett Pseudochaeta argentifrons Coquillett
Pseudochaeta siminina Reinhard Pseudochaeta siminina Reinhard
Pseudomyothyria ancilla (Walker) Myiopharus ancilla (Walker)
Pseudoperichaeta erecta (Coquillett) Nilea erecta (Coquillett)
Pseudoperichaeta sp. near erecta (Coquillett) Nilea sp. near erecta (Coquillett)
Pseudoperichaeta insidiosa (Robineau-Desvoidy) Nilea nigrolineata (Walker)*
Pseudosiphona brevirostris (Coquillett) Siphona brevirostris Coquillett
Pseudotachinomyia slossonae (Townsend) Phorocera slossonae (Townsend)
"Ptilodexia abdominalis (Robineau-Desvoidy)" "abdominalis (Robineau-Desvoidy)", Unplaced Dexiini
Ptilodexia canescens (Walker) Ptilodexia canescens (Walker)
Ptilodexia cerata (Walker) Ptilodexia rufipennis (Macquart)
Ptilodexia harpasa (Walker) Ptilodexia harpasa (Walker)
"Ptilodexia tibialis (Robineau-Desvoidy)" "tibialis (Robineau-Desvoidy)", Unplaced Dexiini
Pyraustomyia penitalis (Coquillett) Eriothrix penitalis (Coquillett)
Roeseliopsis americana (Coquillett) Phasmophaga americana (Coquillett)
Schizactia vitinervis (Thompson) Phytomyptera vitinervis (Thompson)
Schizocerophaga leibyi Townsend Vibrissina leibyi (Townsend)
Schizotachina convecta (Walker) Phytomyptera convecta (Walker)
Sipholeskia occidentalis (Coquillett) Leskia occidentalis (Coquillett)
Siphona ceres (Curran) Siphona futilis Wulp*
Siphona conata (Reinhard) Siphona conata (Reinhard)
Siphona geniculata (De Geer) Siphona geniculata (De Geer)
Siphona plusiae Coquillett Siphona plusiae Coquillett
Siphosturmia confusa Reinhard
Siphosturmia confusa Reinhard
Siphosturmia phyciodis (Coquillett) Siphosturmia phyciodis (Coquillett)
Sisyropa alypiae Sellers Sisyropa alypiae Sellers
Sisyropa eudryae (Townsend) Sisyropa eudryae (Townsend)
Sitophaga calosomae (Townsend) Zaira calosomae (Townsend)
Sitophaga eleodivora (Walton) Zaira eleodivora (Walton)
Sitophaga georgiae (Brauer & Bergenstamm) Zaira georgiae (Brauer & Bergenstamm)
Sitophaga leechi (Curran) Zaira leechi (Curran)
Sitophaga neomexicana (Townsend) Zaira neomexicana (Townsend)
Sitophaga nocturnalis (Reinhard) Zaira nocturnalis (Reinhard)
Spallanzania hebes (Fallén) Spallanzania hebes (Fallén)
Spathidexia dunningii (Coquillett) Spathidexia dunningii (Coquillett)
Spathimeigenia aurifrons Curran Vibrissina aurifrons (Curran)
Spathimeigenia erecta Aldrich Vibrissina erecta (Aldrich)
Spathimeigenia hylotomae (Coquillett) Vibrissina hylotomae (Coquillett)
Spathimeigenia mexicana Aldrich Vibrissina mexicana (Aldrich)
Spathimeigenia spinigera Townsend Vibrissina spinigera (Townsend)
Spoggosia gelida (Coquillett) Chetogena gelida (Coquillett)
Stomatodexia cothurnata (Wiedemann) Stomatodexia cothurnata (Wiedemann)*
Stomatomyia floridensis (Townsend)
Chetogena floridensis (Townsend)
Stomatomyia parvipalpis (Wulp) Chetogena parvipalpis (Wulp)
Strobliomyia tibialis (Robineau-Desvoidy) Peribaea tibialis (Robineau-Desvoidy)*
Sturmia harrisinae Coquillett Ametadoria harrisinae (Coquillett)
Sturmia sp. near harrisinae Coquillett Ametadoria sp. near harrisinae (Coquillett)
"Sturmia tipulensis Tothill" Unknown
"Tachina desmiae Riley" Unknown
Tachinomyia acosta Webber Tachinomyia acosta Webber
Tachinomyia nigricans Webber Tachinomyia nigricans Webber
Tachinomyia panaetius (Walker) Tachinomyia panaetius (Walker)
Tachinomyia sp. near panaetius (Walker) Tachinomyia sp. near panaetius (Walker)
Tachinomyia similis (Williston) Tachinomyia similis (Williston)
Tachinomyia variata Curran Tachinomyia variata Curran
Tachinophyto floridensis Townsend Myiopharus floridensis (Townsend)
Thelaira americana Brooks Thelaira americana Brooks
Thelymyia mathesoni (Reinhard) Nilea mathesoni (Reinhard)
Theresia rutilans (Fabricius) Billaea rutilans (Fabricius)
Thompsonomyia anthracina (Thompson) Linnaemya anthracina Thompson
Thysanomyia Brauer & Bergenstamm, gen. and sp. near Blepharipa Rondani, gen. and sp. near
Townsendiellomyia nidicola (Townsend) Townsendiellomyia nidicola (Townsend)
Trepophrys cinerea Townsend Trepophrys cinerea Townsend*
Triachora luteola (Coquillett)
Belvosia luteola Coquillett
Triachora ochriventris (Wulp) Belvosia ochriventris (Wulp)
Triachora omissa (Aldrich) Belvosia omissa Aldrich
Triachora unifasciata (Robineau-Desvoidy) Belvosia unifasciata (Robineau-Desvoidy)
Trichopoda lanipes (Fabricius) Trichopoda lanipes (Fabricius)
Trichopoda pennipes (Fabricius) Trichopoda pennipes (Fabricius)
Trichopoda pilipes (Fabricius) Trichopoda pilipes (Fabricius)*
Trichopoda plumipes (Fabricius) Trichopoda plumipes (Fabricius)
Trichopoda subdivisa (Townsend) Trichopoda subdivisa (Townsend)
Tsugaea nox Hall Tsugaea nox Hall
Uramya halisidotae (Townsend) Uramya halisidotae (Townsend)
Urophyllopsis retiniae (Coquillett) Lixophaga retiniae (Coquillett)
Vibrissotheresia pechumani Reinhard Ateloglossa novaeangliae (West)
Voria aurifrons (Townsend) Voria aurifrons (Townsend)
Voria ruralis (Fallén) Voria ruralis (Fallén)
Wagneria major Curran Wagneria major Curran
Wagneria vernata West Wagneria vernata West
Winthemia abdominalis (Townsend) Winthemia abdominalis (Townsend)
Winthemia borealis Reinhard Winthemia borealis Reinhard
Winthemia cecropia (Riley) Winthemia cecropia (Riley)
Winthemia citheroniae Sabrosky Winthemia citheroniae Sabrosky
Winthemia datanae (Townsend) Winthemia datanae (Townsend)
Winthemia sp. near datanae (Townsend) Winthemia sp. near datanae (Townsend)
Winthemia deilephilae (Osten Sacken) Winthemia deilephilae (Osten Sacken)
"Winthemia diversoides Baranov"
"Winthemia diversoides Baranov"*
Winthemia infesta (Williston) Winthemia infesta (Williston)
Winthemia intermedia Reinhard Winthemia intermedia Reinhard
Winthemia leucanae (Kirkpatrick) Winthemia leucanae (Kirkpatrick)
Winthemia militaris (Walsh) Winthemia militaris (Walsh)
Winthemia sp. near militaris (Walsh) Winthemia sp. near militaris (Walsh)
Winthemia occidentis Reinhard Winthemia occidentis Reinhard
Winthemia ostensackenii (Kirkpatrick) Winthemia ostensackenii (Kirkpatrick)
Winthemia quadripustulata (Fabricius) Winthemia quadripustulata (Fabricius)
Winthemia rufopicta (Bigot) Winthemia rufopicta (Bigot)
Winthemia sinuata Reinhard Winthemia sinuata Reinhard
Winthemia tricolor (Wulp) Winthemia tricolor (Wulp)*
Winthemia venusta (Meigen) probably Winthemia venusta (Meigen) probably*
Winthemia vesiculata (Townsend) Winthemia vesiculata (Townsend)
Xanthoepalpus bicolor (Williston) Xanthoepalpus bicolor (Williston)
Xanthophyto labis (Coquillett) Xanthophyto labis (Coquillett)
"Zelia sp. near genuina Wulp" "Zelia sp. near genuina (Wulp)"*
Zelia vertebrata (Say) Zelia vertebrata (Say)
Zenillia blandita (Coquillett) Hyphantrophaga blandita (Coquillett)
Zenillia libatrix (Panzer) Zenillia libatrix (Panzer)*
Zenillia, gen. and sp. near Zenillia, gen. and sp. near
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