■ Tachinids of Bertha Armyworm
Key to Tachinid Genera

The following is an identification key to the tachinid parasitoids of bertha armyworm in North America north of Mexico. It contains couplets with text and illustrations, with one couplet per web page. Click here to view complete key with text only.

Compare specimens at hand with the character states described and illustrated below. Select 1 or 1' to proceed to the next illustrated couplet. When a genus name is reached, click on it for further information about the species of that genus recorded from bertha armyworm. This key uses the characters which most easily separate the genera and species recorded from bertha armyworm and as such may not exclude previously unrecorded tachinids. All illustrations show genera, and usually species, included in the key to help the user spot a tachinid which does not belong to the list of species recorded from bertha armyworm.

Refer to the web page on Tachinid Morphology for labelled illustrations of tachinid wing and body parts.

If you have difficulties with this key or suspect that a species not included has been encountered, please contact author of key, J.E. O'Hara.

Couplet 1

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Either: Or:
1.Prosternum haired. 1'.spaceProsternum bare.
space{short description of image} space{short description of image}
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