Future Graduate Students

The Ontario Veterinary College is a research-intensive institution committed to innovation and leadership in One Health and veterinary and biomedical sciences.

Graduate studies at the diploma, masters, and doctoral levels are available in the departments of Biomedical SciencesClinical StudiesPathobiology, and Population Medicine.

To inquire directly about a graduate program within one of our four departments, contact the Graduate Program Coordinator or Graduate Program Assistant using the contact information listed under each department section.

Biomedical Sciences

The Department offers a one-year Course-based Masters (MBS), two-year thesis-based MSc, and PhD programs in seven disciplinary fields: 

Graduate Program Coordinators:

Dr. Craig Bailey (MBS Program):

Dr. Jonathan LaMarre (MSc and PhD Programs):


Graduate Program Assistant:

Heather Hamilton:


Learn More: Graduate Program BrochureBiomedical Sciences Department Website

Clinical Studies

The Department offers a two-year thesis-based MSc and supervises students in the Doctor of Veterinary Science (DVSc) program in the following specialized veterinary fields:

Graduate Program Coordinator:

Dr. Adronie Verbrugghe:

Dr. Fiona James:

Graduate Program Assistant:

Naya Shah:


Learn More: Graduate Program BrochureClinical Studies Department Website


The Department offers a two-year thesis-based MScGraduate Diploma, and PhD program as well as supervises students in the DVSc program. Research areas include: 

  • Diagnostic, anatomic, and clinical pathology, Microbiology, Immunology, Virology, and Wildlife Diseases.

Graduate Program Coordinator:

Dr. Jeff Caswell:


Graduate Program Assistant:

Jessie Beer:


Learn More: Graduate Program BrochurePathobiology Department Website

Population Medicine

The Department offers multiple graduate programs with emphasis on research in epidemiology, health management, public health, and theriogenology, including: 


Graduate Program Coordinators:

Dr. Olaf Berke (Graduate Exams):

Dr. David Pearl (MSc and PhD programs):

Dr. Andrew Papadopoulos (MPH program):


Graduate Program Assistant:

Kamelia Valkova:


Learn More: Graduate Program BrochureGraduate Program Brochure (MPH)Population Medicine Department WebsiteMPH Website


Visit the University of Guelph Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies to learn more about graduate education including Applying to Guelph and Funding and Fees.

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