Cancer in companion animals is emerging as a robust model for the human condition, and investigators from other universities, institutions, and industry see the value of collaboration with OVC.

Research teams in the four OVC departments and the Health Sciences Centre are actively investigating cancer at multiple levels, including improving novel imaging, diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures, and devices for companion animals with cancer.

This research is enhanced and expanded upon by being located at the intersection of in vitro experiments, pre-clinical models in companion animals, and human cancer investigations.

Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach builds opportunities for translational research, emphasizing  expertise in carcinogenesis, cell signaling, angiogenesis, and tumour progression/metastasis, among other areas. Access to samples from OVC's companion animal tumour biobank ensures continuing opportunities for molecular cancer discovery.

OVC is the only Canadian member of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Comparative Oncology Clinical Trials Consortium, which links industry, government, and academia for the purpose of veterinary oncology clinical trials.


Dr. Anthony Abrams-Ogg: Professor; Diplomate, ACVIM

Dr. Byram Bridle: Associate Professor

Dr. Roger Moorehead: Professor

Dr. Anthony Mutsaers: Associate Professor; Diplomate, ACVIM

Dr. Michelle OblakAnimal Health Partners Research Chair in Veterinary Medical Innovation; Associate Professor; Diplomate ACVS; ACVS Fellow of Surgical Oncology; Assistant Co-Director, Institute for Comparative Cancer Investigation

Dr. Jim Petrik: Professor

Dr. Courtney Schott: Assistant Professor; Diplomate, ACVP

Dr. Alicia Viloria-Petit: Associate Professor

Dr. Geoff WoodAssistant Co-Director, Institute for Comparative Cancer Investigation; Associate Professor

Dr. Paul Woods: Professor; Diplomate, ACVIM (Internal Medicine Oncology)

Dr. Sam Workenhe: Assistant Professor

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