University of Guelph Graduate

Regulations: Master of Landscape Architecture

Admission as a regular student is granted, on the recommendation of the School of Landscape Architecture, to:
  1. the holder of a BLA degree, or of an honours baccalaureate or its equivalent or
  2. a student who has satisfied the requirements for transfer from provisional student.

Minimum Duration

   At least four semesters of full-time study must normally be devoted to the master's program if the student holds a BLA and is admitted as a regular student. Holders of other degrees may require two additional semesters. For a student registered part-time, the minimum duration is based on the equivalence of three part-time semesters to one full-time semester. A minimum program fee is applied when a part-time student applies to graduate.

   Normally, the thesis must be formally submitted or the program otherwise completed within forty-eight months of the completion of the minimum duration.

   The student's program is established, and progress kept under review, by the School of Landscape Architecture (see the section on Enrolment and Registration). The day-to-day responsibility will rest in an advisory committee of at least two members, one of whom may be from outside the school. The student's research adviser (if any) is chair of the advisory committee.

   The MLA degree of the University of Guelph requires the demonstration of a general mastery of the field of landscape architecture, and a detailed knowledge of the selected field of specialization.

Prescribed Studies: The courses selected must be acceptable to the school and to the dean of Graduate Studies for graduate credit. The candidate must obtain an overall weighted average grade of at least 'B-' in order to qualify for the degree (see the sections on Establishment of Programs and Prescribed Studies).
   The number of courses prescribed will depend upon the student's background.
  1. For the holder of a BLA with several subsequent years of significant professional experience (as defined by the school), the prescribed studies will consist of at least five courses (2.0 credits) , plus a thesis;
  2. for the holder of a BLA without several years of significant professional experience, the prescribed studies will consist of at least seven courses (3.0 credits), plus a thesis;
  3. for the holder of degrees other than the BLA, the prescribed studies will consist of at least thirteen courses (6.0 credits), plus a thesis.

Additional Courses: In addition to the prescribed studies, a student may take courses outside the discipline. These courses may be at either the undergraduate or the graduate level. The standings obtained in them will not affect the average grade of the prescribed studies.

   Students may expect to devote at least the equivalent of one full-time semester to their research. To avoid undue prolongation of their program, students are expected to have their thesis proposal prepared and approved at least two full semesters in advance of their anticipated degree completion date.

See thesis section of the MA and MSc degree descriptions.

Department Regulations
   The School of Landscape Architecture has specified regulations in addition to those described in this calendar. The student is responsible for consulting the school concerning these regulations. University regulations, as specified herein, take precedence, and may not be overruled by any school regulation.