University of Guelph 1997-98 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs

Biomedical Science

Department of Biomedical Sciences, Ontario Veterinary College.


Required courses:


Three other courses (to complete the requirement for 10 courses) to be selected in consultation with the Department of Biomedical Sciences may be chosen from any area listed above or from the following: biochemistry (except 19-258), biostatistics, genetics, microbiology, neurosciences, nutrition, physics,76-203, psychology (80-303, 80-304,80-341), reproduction 98-4041/2 98-4041/2 and veterinary bacteriology.

*Students in the Human Kinetics program will be permitted to substitute 75-2951/2 for 92-209 or 98-301.

1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Bachelor of Science - B.Sc.

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