University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts -- B.A.

For the degree of Bachelor of Arts the University of Guelph offers a general program requiring the equivalent of 6 semesters of successful full time study (general program), and a specialized program requiring the equivalent of 8 semesters of successful full time study (honours program). A student may register in any of the 3 semesters (Spring, Fall, Winter). In the B.A. program, 2.50 credits per semester is the normal load for a regular full time student. Students may register for fewer credits at their own discretion but may register for up to 0.50 further credits only with the specific approval of the B.A. program counsellors. Part time students may take 1.50 credits or fewer per semester.

* Program Information

* Akademia

* London Study Semester

* Special Study Option

* Honours and General Programs Available in the B.A. Degree

* Agricultural Economics

* Anthropology

* Art History

* Business Administration

* Canadian Studies

* Classical Languages

* Classical Studies

* Cognitive Neuropsychology

* Criminal Justice and Public Policy

* Computing and Information Science

* Computing and Information Science (Co-op)

* Developmental Psychology

* Drama

* Economics

* Economics (Co-op)

* English

* Environmental Studies

* European Studies

* Family and Child Studies

* French

* Geography

* German

* History

* Individual Studies

* Information Systems and Human Behaviour

* International Development

* Italian

* Management Economics

* Marketing Management

* Mathematical Economics

* Mathematics

* Music

* Organizational Behaviour

* Philosophy

* Political Science

* Psychology

* Psychology (Co-op)

* Rural and Development Sociology

* Rural Extension Studies

* Social Psychology

* Sociology

* Spanish

* Statistics

* Studio Arts

* Women's Studies

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
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