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Lasker Medical Research Awards 2024

The Lasker Awards program was created in 1945 by Albert and Mary Lasker to shine a spotlight on fundamental biological discoveries and clinical advances that improve human health as well as to draw attention to the importance of public support of science. 

4 months 1 week ago Honours and Awards
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences Fellow 2024

Election to the Academy is considered one of the highest honours for members of the Canadian health sciences community. The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences brings together Canada’s top-ranked health and biomedical scientists and scholars to make a positive impact on the urgent health...

4 months 1 week ago Honours and Awards
The Center for Produce Safety - 2024 Request for Proposals

Objective: Research activities sponsored by the Center for Produce Safety (CPS) and partner entities are to be directed to answering critical research questions that fill the gaps in basic understanding in specific areas of food safety practices for fruit, vegetable and tree nut...

4 months 1 week ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
Skills for Research Impact: Community Engagement

Skills for Research Impact is a workshop series, spanning the fall and winter semesters, for University of Guelph faculty, research staff and graduate students interested in enhancing the impact of their research. Through sessions facilitated by impact experts, participants will learn how to...

4 months 1 week ago Workshops and Events
Simons Early Career Investigator in Aquatic Microbial Ecology and Evolution Awards 2024

The purpose of these awards is to help launch the careers of outstanding investigators in the fields of microbial ecology, microbial biogeochemistry and/or microbial evolution in marine or natural freshwater systems, who will advance our understanding through field work, experiments, modeling or...

4 months 1 week ago Honours and Awards
Balzan Prize 2024

Every year, four Balzan Prizes are awarded to scholars and scientists who are distinguished in their fields on an international level. The aim of the Balzan Prize is to foster culture, the sciences and the most outstanding humanitarian initiatives of peace and brotherhood among...

4 months 1 week ago Honours and Awards
Japan Prize Foundation 2025

The Japan Prize Foundation (hereafter referred to as the Foundation) awards the Japan Prize to people from throughout the world who have produced creative breakthroughs in science and technology, thereby substantially contributing to the progress of science and technology and...

4 months 6 days ago Honours and Awards
Call for Applications to the CQDM Quantum Leap (Fall 2023)

CQDM’s Quantum Leap pharma-led funding program for drug discovery research helps SMEs or Canadian universities achieve innovative translational biopharmaceutical research projects. Projects selected as part of the Quantum Leap program focus on developing cutting-edge technologies with the...

4 months 5 days ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News
What is "Open Data" anyway? An introduction to licensing and copyright for research data in Canada

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the management of research data, including data licensing and copyright, is of utmost importance. This 2-hour workshop will provide a forum for participants to learn more about data licensing and copyright. Led by Learning and Training Manager ...

4 months 2 days ago Workshops and Events
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research: Clinical Translation Pathway Pre-Clinical Acceleration Team Awards

OICR’s Clinical Translation Pathway (CTP) supports practice-changing research in biomarkers and therapeutics that will advance early detection and intervention research and have a clear path to the clinic and clinical impact.

OICR is currently inviting applications for one of the CTP...

4 months 2 days ago Funding Opportunities and Sponsor News