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Livestock Innovation Program

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The 2022/23 CAAIN competition for the Livestock Innovation Program has been developed to foster technological advances in livestock production and primary processing. The goal of this program is to support research and development to enhance efficiency in livestock agriculture and includes the adoption of automation such as implementation of robotics and automation, data-based decision making, and validation of new technologies through smart farms. The competition is categorized into three broad topic areas:

  1. Animal production and efficiency
  2. Animal food safety and quality
  3. Sustainable production

Specific projects may include but are not limited to research and/or innovations in:

  • Environmental sustainability (ESG, GHG emissions, carbon capture and storage)
  • Genomics/bioinformatics/artificial intelligence
  • Production efficiency
  • Traceability
  • Transportation
  • Animal welfare
  • Food safety and quality
  • Animal Health
  • Primary processing of meat
  • Meat science and cold chain management
  • Feed and forage research related to animal production

Animal species eligible for this competition include bovine (beef and dairy cattle, bison), porcine, poultry, ovine, caprine, bees and alternate livestock species (elk, deer, moose), and production of their primary products. Secondary food products, packaging, sensory science and aquaculture, are not eligible project topics for this competition.


 Applicants must be a consortium that can include Canadian universities, colleges, research institutes, for-profit corporations (including SMEs) and/or not-for-profit entities. The projects need to have a Lead Applicant which must be incorporated pursuant to the laws of Canada, carry on business in Canada and propose to conduct industrial research and technology demonstration activities. The Lead Applicant will be responsible to submit a project application and manage the project.

The following criteria are among the elements CAAIN will consider when evaluating whether to advance a proposal to the Expression of Interest stage:
  1. Project objectives must be consistent with those of CAAIN and of the ISED Strategic Innovation Stream 4.
  2. The project team must include at least two small or medium enterprises (SME) incorporated in Canada, at either the federal or provincial level. SMEs are defined by Statistics Canada as businesses with 499 or fewer employees.
  3. CAAIN will reimburse projects up to 40% of the Total Eligible Supported Expenses, to a maximum of $3 Million.
    CAAIN reimbursement can only flow to entities conducting business in Canada.
  4. A financial (cash) contribution must be committed by at least two SMEs from the project team. Financial contributions may also come from multinational enterprises (MNEs) or not-for-profit organizations in order to achieve the minimum 60% industry cash contribution. Contributions from each SME or team member need not be equal.
    Financial contributions from governmental sources (including post-secondary institutions) are not eligible for reimbursement by CAAIN.
  5. In-kind contributions are not eligible for matching funding by CAAIN but are considered to be important indicators of team commitment and likelihood of success. Relevant contributions should be assessed at fair market value.
  6. The initiative must be incremental to the regular business of project team member organisations, meaning that:
    a. Financial commitments are distinct from investments that would have otherwise occurred; and
    b. The project is new or would not be undertaken at the same scope or scale without the support of CAAIN funding.
  7. All funded projects are required to pay CAAIN administration fee equal to 4% of the total eligible supported expenses. These fees will be deducted from each approved claim prior to reimbursement to the Project Lead.
  8. All project partners must be academic institutions, not-for-profit organisations, or companies legally entitled to do business in Canada. CAAIN project contributions must flow only to Canadian enterprises. All team members must be working in Canada.
  9. Diverse project teams involving multiple stakeholders are encouraged. Project teams may include academic and/or research institutions, not-for-profit organizations, for-profit partner.
  10. Applicants must demonstrate how their project will provide significant public benefit (economic, employment-related, social, and/or environmental) during development or following completion.

Funding Availability

$5 million

Maximum Project Value

There is no minimum funding request; however, the maximum amount of support from CAAIN available per project is $3 million CAD.

Project Duration

The maximum length for projects funded through CAAIN is normally three (3) years from project commencement. All projects must be completed by September 30, 2025.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

External Deadline

Project Application Form (PAF) due. 
Completed Project Application Forms must be submitted to

External Deadline

EOI due to CAAIN.

Note that submissions at the EOI stage of the competition is by invitation only; no unsolicited EOIs will be accepted.

Internal Deadline

Please submit a copy of your full proposal, along with an OR-5 Form to’

External Deadline

FPP due to CAAIN.

Note that submissions at the FPP stage of the competition is by invitation only; no unsolicited FPPs will be accepted.

Notice of decision will be shared July 2023. 

How to Apply

The application process for this call involves 3 stages:

  1. Project Application Form (PAF): Outlines the criteria and eligibility requirements, providing applicants and their project partners a clear understanding of the competition’s parameters. Completed Project Application Forms must be submitted to
  2. Expression of Interest (EOI): Provides a more detailed description of the project and includes a simplified financial workbook.
  3. Full Project Proposal (FPP): Provides a detailed project description, full financial workbook and relevant supporting documentation.

Note that submissions at the EOI and FPP stages of the competition are by invitation only; no unsolicited EOIs or FPPs will be accepted.

U of G applicants are encouraged to work with the Research Innovation Office when developing their Project Application Form and EOI.

Please ensure you notify if you require institutional approval/signatures and/or receive an award/​agreement, which would require the submission of a signed OR-5 form along with the application package and other relevant materials.

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