CBDX: Cities for All International Design Ideas Competition


The University of Calgary and Stantec


This international design ideas competition is the first in the CBDX series. The competition addresses the following:

What does a city for all look like? How does it operate and function? How can it come into being? What place, structure, thing, system, process, or relationship must be forged to engender a more just and equitable ‘city for all’?

In particular the competition asks the most crucial question, How are these aims navigated by, through, and with the current uncertainty wrought by the ongoing global pandemic and the long-term existential threats of environmental degradation and climate change?

This is the year a wide-ranging set of inequities—that have always been there—have been brought to bear. The only difference is that now a significantly larger percentage of the public, and wider society, has become aware of how urgent addressing these issues are. As various movements have demonstrated, such as Black Lives Matter, the time to act is now.

Thus, this competition asks entrants to consider how matters of equity and activism, ecology and environment, and health and wellness might converge—and unfold—within our future cities.

The CBDX: CITIES FOR ALL International Design Ideas Competition asks entrants to:

  • Choose a non-fictional site on Earth—this could be an entire city itself, a neighborhood, a block, a building, a street, an alley, a bus stop;
  • Choose a non-fictional human client(s) that has been underrepresented, undervalued and/or under-addressed in prevailing/dominant design discourse; and,
  • Design a place, structure, thing, system, process, or relationship that increases the inclusion, belonging and equity of your client within the context of your site—while keeping in mind the twin challenges of the pandemic and climate change as opportunities for your design to unfold.


CBDX: CITIES FOR ALL is an international design ideas competition open to all students and professionals of any discipline from around the world. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged. Individuals and teams working in architecture, planning, landscape architecture, urban design and associated creative disciplines are particularly encouraged to submit.

  • There are no professional qualification requirements for entry.
  • Entries may be made by individuals or teams of up to a maximum of five (5) persons.
  • Entrants can be on more than one team. Yet, each team must pay a separate registration free.
  • Entrants can also submit more than one entry. Yet, for each entry you must pay a separate registration fee.
  • Employees of the CBDLab, CBDX team members, and their spouses/partners and persons involved in the preparation of this competition are not eligible to participate in this competition.
  • Firms and employees of firms of jury members—and their spouses/partners—are not eligible to participate in this competition.
  • Faculty, students, and employees of the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, the University of Calgary, and jury member institutions are eligible to enter.

All participants must register for the competition. 40$ CAD (students); 80$ CAD (Professionals). 


$6,000 CAD total prize money

  • Three winners to each receive $2,000 CAD, a certificate, publication in the inaugural CBDX issue, and exhibited in a curated exhibition of the competition’s selected entries.
  • 12 honorable mentions to each receive a certificate, publication in the inaugural CBDX issue, and exhibited in a curated exhibition of the competition’s selected entries.
  • up to 35 finalists to be exhibited in a curated exhibition of the competition’s selected entries.

Special Notes

Please note that research activities carried out in the context of COVID-19 need to adhere to the University of Guelph COVID-19 research principles, policies, guidelines and processes as they may be updated from time to time and communicated on the Office of Research web-page


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

External Deadline

Please submit the nomination directly to the CBDX Cities for All website. Please also submit a copy of the full nomination and OR-5 to research.services@uoguelph.ca.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted online, using the application form provided on the CBDX Cities for All website. Please submit an OR-5 and a completed application to research.services@uoguelph.ca by the external deadline.

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