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The International Consortium for Antimicrobial Stewardship in Agriculture (ICASA) - Technologies Working Group 


The International Consortium for Antimicrobial Stewardship in Agriculture (ICASA) - Technologies Working Group is issuing a call for Letters of Intent (LOI) to solicit research concepts for potential funding and collaboration. ICASA is one of the largest public-private partnerships focusing on antibiotic stewardship in animal agriculture and has committed to investing in research to accelerate innovation and antibiotic stewardship across the livestock supply chain. ICASA members work collaboratively to improve the health and welfare of beef cattle, pigs, and poultry through the development of practical solutions, including advanced tools and management practices, to address the underlying drivers of antibiotic use in livestock. By leveraging knowledge and resources from diverse organizations, ICASA will advance stewardship and improve health outcomes for livestock.

ICASA Participants are seeking novel and potentially high-impact projects related to antibiotic stewardship and animal health, that can be conducted in collaboration with commercial livestock producers and processors. There is strong interest in early-stage technologies that may yield new types of data beyond what is currently available via existing technologies, as well as technologies closer to market that would benefit from research in commercial livestock production settings.

Specifically, the Technologies Working Group seeks LOIs that seek to develop, improve and/or validate:

  • Animal health monitoring technologies

  • Rapid in-field, pen-side or animal-side diagnostic tools

Concepts must be relevant to beef cattle, pigs and/or poultry. Projects with potential for cross-species application are highly encouraged. Applicants should describe how their work will improve antimicrobial stewardship in animal production, reduce the potential for resistance and/or provide actionable information to antimicrobial-prescribers.

The Technologies Working Group will consider a range of requests for funding and/or access to commercial production facilities and is establishing a maximum allowable request of $250,000 cash and/or access to commercial livestock production facilities. Requests should be reasonable and appropriate for the work proposed, and applicants should be cognizant that the project must provide value to and potential for eventual implementation by the commercial livestock sector for production or research purposes. Additional financial contributions from organizations outside ICASA are encouraged.


FFAR welcomes applications from individuals and groups with innovative ideas for scientific solutions to pressing challenges in food and agriculture. 

Non-US institutions can apply for a FFAR grant as long as the research project addresses issues that are relevant to the US food and agriculture system. 

Indirect Costs

10% as per FFAR Grant and Funding - Frequently Asked Questions.

Special Notes

FFAR strongly encourage applicants to have the match in-hand or have a solid commitment by the full proposal submission to prevent delay in funding the project, if it is selected for funding. FFAR funds cannot be disbursed until all committed match on a FFAR project is secured, in-hand and certified. Matching funds are certified yearly for the entire duration of an award.

There are two types of match: in-kind and cash.  Unless otherwise specified in the RFA, at least 50% of the match must be cash. For more information, see FFAR’s Matching Funds Guidelines.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

External Deadline

LOIs are due February 26, 2020 and must be submitted via FFAR’s online portal. Applications will be reviewed by ICASA participants and will be evaluated on a variety of factors including potential for supply chain implementation, potential for impact, likelihood for successful completion, originality, key personnel qualifications and strength of partnerships. ​

See attached Call for Letters of Intent for a form template. 

Full Application (By Invitation Only): Applicants invited to the Full Application stage are required to submit an OR-5, along with a copy of the application and budget, to one week in advance of the deadline established by FFAR. Please email Kristin Gibson ( if invited to full-proposal.


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