The Ho-Am Prize 2022


The Ho-Am Foundation


The Ho-Am Prize was established in 1990 by Kun-Hee Lee, the Chairman of Samsung, with a vision to create a new corporate culture that continues the noble spirit of public service espoused by the late Chairman Byung-chull Lee, founder of Samsung.

The Prize, named after the late Chairman's pen name, is presented each year to individuals who have contributed to academics, the arts, and social development, or who have furthered the welfare of humanity through distinguished accomplishments in their respective professional fields.

Award Categories:

Physics and Mathematics 

The Prize for Physics and Mathematics includes such fields as astrophysics, theoretical physics, solid state physics, optics, mathematics and integrated sciences. The prize is presented to people of Korean heritage whose original research efforts contribute to these basic fields.

Chemistry and Life Sciences

The Prize for Chemistry and Life Sciences includes such fields as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, life sciences and integrated sciences. The prize is presented to people of Korean heritage who made significant progress in these basic fields.


The Prize for Engineering covers the entire field of basic engineering and applied technology, and is presented to people of Korean heritage whose accomplishments have contributed to the development of industry for greater prosperity for humanity.


The Prize for Medicine includes the clinical and research areas of medicine, physiology, and pharmacology. The Prize is awarded to people of Korean heritage who have made distinctive contributions to the efforts of humankind to conquer the disease.

The Arts

The Prize for The Arts encompasses broad areas of arts activities including literature, music, painting, design, dance and theater. The Prize is awarded to people of Korean heritage who have contributed to the enrichment of culture and arts for humankind.

Community Service

The Prize for Community Service is awarded to individuals or organizations, regardless of nationality, that have promoted the welfare of Korean society through dedicated philanthropic activities and selfless efforts for the betterment of our community.

Special Field

The Special Prize is awarded in case of necessity to individuals and organizations, regardless of nationality, that have made outstanding contributions to Korean or international society in the areas outside of the six Ho-Am Prize categories.

Program details and timeline are not yet confirmed. This information will be updated when the program launches.


  1. Qualifications
    • People of Korean heritage (except in Community Service, in which foreigners who make contributions to Koreans at home and abroad may be nominated)
    • Candidates must be alive at the deadline date of nominations
  2. Accomplishments
    • Accomplishments and accumulated expertise which have contributed to society in their respective fields,
      and accumulated expertise that has been highly evaluated socially
    • Distinguished contributions to the nation and humanity through clearly creative mentality and spirit of service
  3. Candidate Nominators
    • Board members of the Ho-Am Foundation
    • Members of the Ho-Am Prize Committee and former Selection Committees
    • Recipients of the Ho-Am Prize or other Prizes with international reputation
    • Experts or individuals holding established position in academia, associations, or organization related to the Ho-Am Prize categories


Recipients of the Ho-Am Prize are each presented with a Diploma, a pure gold medal (187.5g) and a cash prize of KRW 300million (approx. 275,000 USD).

The Ho-Am Prize presentation ceremony is held each year on June 1st at the Ho-Am Art Hall in downtown Seoul, with prominent personages from diversified backgrounds in attendance.

Special Notes

Please note that research activities carried out in the context of COVID-19 need to adhere to the University of Guelph COVID-19 research principles, policies, guidelines and processes as they may be updated from time to time and communicated on the Office of Research web-page


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

External Deadline

Please submit the nomination directly to the mailing/email address stated on the Ho-Am Prize website by the external deadline. Please also submit a copy of the full nomination and OR-5 to by the external deadline.

How to Apply

Applications can be submitted by mail or email, using the application form provided on the Ho-Am Prize website. Please submit an OR-5 and a completed application to by the external deadline. 

For More Information

For more information contact or see the Ho-Am Prize website.

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