Morris Animal Foundation - Call for Blue Buffalo Canine and Feline Grant Proposals


Morris Animal Foundation (MAF).


There are two separate calls under this initiative:

  1. The Blue Buffalo Canine Grant Proposals, and
  2. The Blue Buffalo Feline Grant Proposals.

For More Information

For full details on the program and eligibility criteria, please visit the Morris Animal Foundation - Apply for a Grant web-page.


The mission of Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) is to bridge science and resources to advance the health of animals. To achieve this aim, the MAF funds hypothesis-driven, humane animal health research projects with high scientific merit and the potential for significant impact. This request for proposals (RFP) is part of their Donor-Inspired Study program. This program allows individual donors to directly support a research topic they have a passion for, and for which there is a pressing need. This RFP is funded by the Blue Buffalo Company, a key partner to Morris Animal Foundation since 2006. Over the past 15+ years, the Blue Buffalo Company has provided more than $6 million of funding for scientific research to improve the lives of dogs and cats. Working closely with Morris Animal Foundation, the Blue Buffalo Company has chosen to support research aimed at early detection and prevention of canine cancer, and research on feline intestinal lymphoma. There are two separate calls under this initiative, the Blue Buffalo Canine Grant Proposals and the Blue Buffalo Feline Grant Proposals. 

Canine Cancer Studies

  • Research proposals are invited on the topic of early detection and/or prevention of canine cancer
    • The MAF is interested in projects focusing on one or more cancer types that are highly prevalent in dogs, particularly those cancers with short survival times and/or limited therapeutic options.
    • Dog breeds involved in the study should be well-represented in the general pet population in Canada - this may include mixed-breed dogs.

Feline Intestinal Lymphoma Studies

  • Research proposals are invited on the topic of feline intestinal lymphoma.
    • The MAF is seeking innovative research likely to make a material difference to diagnosis, therapy or understanding of the pathogenesis of feline intestinal lymphoma
    • The MAF have a special interest in projects focusing on the differentiation of lymphoma from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), particularly, approaches that are cost-effective and/or noninvasive.
    • Feline breeds involved in the study should be well-represented in the general pet population in Canada.


For call specific eligibility, please visit the Morris Animal Foundation - Apply for a Grant web-page and view the Proposal Guidelines.

Maximum Project Value

For each program, the budget cannot exceed $52,500 CAD (est. $41,777 USD). 

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs are not permitted.

Project Duration

Maximum study duration is three years.

Special Notes

Please note that research activities carried out in the context of COVID-19 need to adhere to the University of Guelph COVID-19 research principles, policies, guidelines and processes as they may be updated from time to time and communicated on the Office of Research web-page.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

Please submit a PDF copy of your proposal, along with a signed OR-5 form to

External Deadline

Applicant submits proposal via the Fluxx web-page.

How to Apply

Applicant to submit application via the MAF's grant application and management software called Fluxx. Applicant to submit the online form and full application attachment via the Fluxx web-page.

To submit an application, please complete the following:

  1. Online Application with contact information for the investigator(s) and institution, and some key project information.
  2. Full Proposal document, using the proposal template, uploaded to the online application. 
For Questions, please contact

For program related inquiries, please contact the Morris Animal Foundation at

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Vanessa Knox, Awards and Agreements Officer
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