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UPDATES: May 8, 2023 

  • Increase in funding request per year to $500k/year, for a maximum of 5 years
  • Applications continue to be accepted on a rolling basis, with the final external deadline being October 31, 2023 at 8pm EST.  
  • Clarification provided as to National Quantum Strategy (NQS) missions and incorporation into applications




Alliance Quantum

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Quantum science is the study, manipulation and control of systems at the atomic and subatomic level. Quantum technologies are at the leading edge of science and innovation, both in Canada and worldwide. They will support the growth and transformation of key sectors, enable new economic opportunities and help advance a range of benefits for society. Canada is a leader in quantum research, and Canadian scientists are well positioned to capitalize on these opportunities.

In Budget 2021, Canada committed to launch a National Quantum Strategy (NQS) to amplify Canada's significant strengths in quantum research; grow its quantum-ready technologies, companies and talent; and solidify Canada's global leadership in this area. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) supports the implementation of the NQS through funding opportunities that build on NSERC's sustained investments in quantum research. The results of the consultations held by the NQS Secretariat informed these funding opportunities.

Alliance Quantum grants will reinforce, coordinate and scale up Canada's domestic research capabilities in quantum science and technology through partnerships between university researchers and organizations from the private, public or not-for-profit sectors. This funding opportunity will be delivered through various calls for proposals, of which Strengthening Canada's quantum research and innovation capacity is the first.

Proposals may address any challenges in quantum science, but their thrust must aim to advance one or more of the NQS missions through the development of any of the following areas of quantum technologies:

  • quantum algorithms/encryption, including post-quantum cryptography
  • quantum communications
  • quantum computing
  • quantum materials
  • quantum sensing

Collaborations that synergistically couple any of these quantum technology thrusts to other research topics in the natural sciences and engineering would be accepted.


Research Team Eligibility

If you are a Canadian university researcher who is eligible to receive NSERC funds, you can apply on your own or as a team with co-applicants who are also eligible academic researchers.

NSERC encourages the participation of early career researchers (ECRs) as applicants or co-applicants on Alliance Quantum grant applications. While applications led by ECRs will be assessed using the same evaluation criteria, the merit indicators used for the assessment include provisions for cases where the applicant's experience in managing projects or mentoring trainees is nascent. NSERC will monitor the success rate for ECR-led proposals to ensure that it is consistent with NSERC's aim to effectively support researchers throughout their careers. For more information on how NSERC categorizes an applicant as an ECR, refer to the Discovery Grants — applicant categories.

Partner Eligibility

Even though NSERC will cover 100% of the project's eligible costs, you must have at least one partner organization (in the private, public or not-for-profit sector) whose cash contributions would be recognized for cost sharing, had there been any required (see Alliance grants: Role of partner organizations). You may include other partner organizations that play an important role in your research project, whether or not their cash contributions would be recognized for cost sharing, had there been any required. At least one partner organization must have the ability to exploit the project's research results.

Grants awarded for this call will support proposals of varying scale and complexity, from projects involving one researcher to projects involving researchers across several universities, and from one-on-one collaborations with one partner organization directly involved in the research to collaborations involving many partner organizations across multiple sectors.

Maximum Project Value

Grant support ranges from $50,000 to $500,000 per year, for a duration of up to five years. NSERC will provide support for 100% of the eligible costs of research. Although partner organizations do not need to provide cash contributions to participate, they must actively play a role in the project and support it through in-kind contributions. A broad range of in-kind contributions could be made toward a project; refer to the Partner organizations web page for additional information.

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

Up to 5 years


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

Alliance Quantum applications are accepted on a rolling basis up until October 31, 2023. Applications will be evaluated as they are received.

OR-5 and full application must be submitted to the Office of Research Services (research.services@uoguelph.ca) a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the intended submission date to NSERC, no later than October 17, 2023. Please be sure to "submit" in NSERC's online system.

External Deadline

The Office of Research Services will submit the full application on behalf of the applicant to NSERC through NSERC's online system.

How to Apply

Applicants may apply for multiple grants as the principal applicant or as a co-applicant in order to support separate projects. The grants must cover distinct expenses; there must be no duplication of funding.

  1. Log in to NSERC's online system and choose 'Create a new form 101'
  2. Select 'Research partnerships programs', then 'Alliance grants'.
  3. For the Proposal type field, select 'Full proposal'.
  4. For the Type of call field, select 'Quantum - Strengthening Capacity' from the drop-down menu.
  5. Following the instructions for completing an Alliance grant application, fill out the proposal template and complete the other sections of your application. Delete the Public impact value proposition section from the proposal template. It does not apply to Alliance Quantum grants, even though NSERC provides support for 100% of the eligible costs of research.
  6. In the case where your application involves one or more partner organizations from the private sector, including when they participate alongside other partner organizations from the public and/or not-for-profit sectors, also complete the National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships' risk assessment form.
  7. Submit your completed application and supporting documents, including the personal data form with CCV attachment for the applicant and all co-applicants, through NSERC's online system. Your partner organization's contact person will be invited through the online system to provide information about the organization following the partner organization instructions.

Information For Co-applicants

If you need to meet a deadline set by the lead institution for this opportunity, please ensure that you provide the Office of Research with at least five days in advance of the lead institution’s deadline to review the application, or your proposed component of the project. Please be in touch with the Office of Research (contact information below) ahead of the deadline if it looks like it will be difficult for you to submit all the required documentation on time (i.e. budget, proposal, OR-5 Form).


For Questions, please contact


Office of Research

Amy Bossaer, Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist
Research Services Office
519-824-4120 x58613

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