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Our Values - I am a Gryphon

Our Gryphon spirit is expressed in five core commitments that ground us in our actions and interactions. These commitments represent our promise to each other, to our community, and to future Gryphons, that we will do our part to ensure that U of G’s legacy as a supportive and inclusive community is upheld today and for years to come.

Through persistent effort, both individual and collective, we aspire to achieve no less than the highest goals we can envision. In pursuing standards of excellence, we exercise integrity, perseverance, courage, and determination. Gryphons celebrate each other’s successes and feel a strong sense of pride in our achievements. If we do not reach our goals, we remain motivated through our optimism and resilience.

A characteristic of the Gryphon community is caring – in our daily interactions Gryphons demonstrate kindness, empathy, and concern. We care about individual well-being and are deeply committed to supporting others. We develop an informed perspective on social issues and apply our learning to benefit people and communities.  As proof to our commitment to each other, we act with compassion and honesty. When visitors, alumni and friends visit the campus, we extend a welcoming hand and convey a caring sense of community. Gryphons engage in self-care and strive to take a balanced approach to life and living.

We are our most authentic when our values, beliefs, goals, and actions are in alignment. Gryphons are self-aware and strive to make informed choices that are aligned with our authentic selves. We express ourselves honestly, and don’t make assumptions about others or their motivations. We carefully examine the evidence and readily acknowledge what we don’t know. Gryphons accept constructive feedback, have the courage to ask questions and seek out thoughtful conclusions. We invest time and effort toward achieving goals that help us to remain true to our best selves. 

Gryphons are respectful of others by recognizing and acknowledging their humanity, value, and importance. We are respectful of ourselves when we accept our own inherent worth. We demonstrate respect for the earth and the physical spaces we share by being mindful of our individual and collective impact. Gryphons respect the process by which we pursue new knowledge by committing to the highest standards of ethical behaviour, welcoming diverse perspectives, embracing the free and open exchange of ideas, and valuing the unique contributions of every person.

Gryphons are actively engaged in the learning process and academic pursuits. We reflect on our learning and experiences, engage in dialogue about our coursework with faculty, staff and peers, and welcome collaboration. We volunteer, work on and off campus, serve in paraprofessional roles and leadership positions, and participate in athletic activities. Gryphons are purposefully engaged in the civic life of our campus and communities and hold each other accountable, because we understand that individual and collective actions reflect on all of us.