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Photograph of Charlotte Yates with arms outstretched, addressing a large crowd of students gathered on a hill.

Our Vision - Student Affairs

To be recognized as leaders in Canadian universities in the development of the person, scholar, and citizen.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality programming and services to students that will aid in the development of the person, scholar, and citizen.

Our Primary Objectives

As partners in learning, Student Affairs' staff work collaboratively with faculty, staff and students and are committed to:

  • Enriching the educational experience by providing learning opportunities that will engage students inside and outside of the classroom in order to help them develop into successful, productive, and contributing citizens in a global society. 
  • Delivering quality programs, services and environments that help all students achieve their potential - intellectual, ethical, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical. 
  • Creating and fostering a supportive campus environment that is inviting, accessible and reflective of the diversity of our students. 
  • Providing a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment that promotes academic success. 

Our Tag Line

Developing the person, scholar, and citizen.

Our Logo

Student Affairs Lock-Up