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Council on Undergraduate Academic Advising

The role of the Council on Undergraduate Academic Advising (CUAA) is to develop, review, discuss, and recommend to senior administration on an ongoing basis any and all advising-related strategies, policies, and processes.

The CUAA is responsible for managing and directing academic advising policies at the university. The CUAA reports to, and is chaired by the Associate Vice-President Academic. Membership includes broad representation from stakeholders across the university community including, but not limited to: program counselors, faculty advisors, Office of Registrarial Services, deans, chairs, Student Affairs, OpenEd, undergraduate students, Centre for International Programs, and the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Academic Information Centre. The Council normally meets once per semester.

The CUAA develops strategic directions and formulates policy on advising issues, coordinates planning around academic advising issues, and serves as a permanent communication channel to help coordinate the work of the various individuals and entities engaged in academic advising activities.

Report of the Review of Undergraduate Advising

CUAA Membership 2022-2024

Byron Sheldrick Associate Vice-President (Academic) and Chair
Shari Dorr Coordinator, Undergraduate Academic Information Centre
Elaine Fenner Student Affairs Representative
Junpyo Lee CSA VP Academic
Sean Kelly Chair / Director Representative (SEDRD, OAC)
Shannon Lapenskie Program Counsellor Representative (BA)
Pavanjot Kaur Student Representative (COA)
Karen Gordon Dean / Associate Dean Representative (CEPS)
Jade Sachdeva Open Learning and Educational Support Representative
Sandra Speller Office of Registrarial Services Representative
Connie Zavitz Faculty Advisor Representative (LANG)
Lynne Mitchell Centre International Programs