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Why Facilitate a First Year Seminar?

First Year Seminars offer instructors the opportunity to re-think their teaching, to explore new, creative and often unconventional or experimental courses, around topics that are personally interesting or intriguing, in the context of the energy and dynamism of a small and enthusiastic group of students.

Applicants must submit a course proposal using the application form on the FYS website. Each application will be assessed primarily on the strength of the Proposal Rationale & Course Outline:

  • Learning outcomes (LOs) aligned with UOG undergraduate LOs;
  • Constructive Alignment between LOs and Teaching & Learning Activities and Assessment.
  • Rationale for why instructor wants to teach this FYS – what value/purpose is there for the instructor and how will you introduce students to your disciplinary practice while extending the boundary of your comfort/practice.
  • Interdisciplinarity (at least 3 disciplines incorporated beyond your own College)
  • Uniqueness, Learner Centred and instructor role as facilitator,
  • Active/Collaborative Pedagogy
  • Balance Academic Rigor with Inclusion
  • Fit (current climate as well as rationale re: instructors’ passion) 
  • Fun/Dynamism/Pizzazz.


Applicants are also encouraged to clearly demonstrate their prior teaching experience and competence, including engagement in their own teaching and learning development, and provide evidence past teaching effectiveness

Be sure to review the proposal guidelines here: http://www.uoguelph.ca/vpacademic/fys/ Projected Class Enrolment: 22